Thursday December 26th 2002


It's been alot of fun, but unfortunately I need to focus on other things. I'll be staying on at the site in several capacities, but I will no longer be in charge of how things are run. I'd like to wish ZeroX all the luck in the world. (I'm always around if you have questions! :) )

Tuesday November 19th 2002

I'm actually catching up! This is great! Thank you all for your patients, I know things have been dragging along slowly, but this week should remedy that. :) Tomorrow I am going to work on the chat rooms (it's taking so long because I'm having trouble finding a good host) and right after that will come the Hospital Wing. Also, once you have sorted yourselves into Dorms, let me know so I can get the lists posted in the Dormitories. I have an idea of what is happening in Gryffindor, but no idea about anywhere else.

Something new in the Great Hall. An interactive story, where everyone can write their own chapter. I don't know how well it will work, but it seemed like fun.


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