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1900 Census - Hancock, Houghton County, Michigan
August, Hilma and Brunolf Eilola

1910 Census - Hancock, Houghton County, Michigan
August, Hilma and Brunolf Eilola

1913 Post Card to Brunolf

R.L. Polk Directory, Hancock, Michigan 1916-1917 August, Hilma, Brunolf -305 Tezcucco Street (the directory lists other Eilola's who I can not tie to.).

Brunolf's WWI Draft Registration Card 1917

August's Application for Work 1919 - Calumet & Hecla Minining Co.
Notice the reference to Jafet. as his father and place of birth Oululand Finland

1920 Census - Hancock, Houghton County, Michigan August, Hilma and Niece Hilma

Brunolf and Libby - Marriage Record 1921
Farmington, Michigan

1930 Census - Detroit, Michigan
Brunolf and Libbie Eilola

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Death Records, Stanton, Houghton County, Michigan (1905-1952).
Obituary of John Eilola - husband of Maija Eilola. Son of: Sefanias Eilola, Merijarvi, Finland, and Anna Greta Karvosaja, Pyhajoki, Finland; Obituary of Joseph Eilola - son of Frank Eilola and Laura Harju, both originally from Finland

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Brunolf August Eilola and Libbie Selina (nee Korpi/Korby) Eilola - circa. 1920s-1930s

The Eilola's have proved to be bricks for me. I've been having problems finding related families and ancestors past my direct line. If you have any additional information on my line or can help me tie into other Eilola lines - please feel free to contact me.

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Known Information:

My Eilola (pronouced A-Lo-La in Finnish, I-Lo-La in the US) family came from Finland - Oulu Finland, possibly, Haapajärvi, Haapavesi, or Merijärvi and ended up in Hancock, Houghton, Michigan.

As in many enumerations of Census and depending on the enumerator - often the Eilola name was spelled incorrectly. As is very common today - the name is often totally butchered when pronouced and mistaken as Hawaiian.

My direct line, I believe, originates with a man by the name of Jaffet Eilola - who never immigrated to the US (from what I can tell).

However, Jaffet's son(s) settled in Hancock,Houghton County, Michigan (located in the Upper Pennisula - Copper Country)

One of Jaffet's son's, my great-grandfather, August, worked in the Copper Mines upon immigration and was married to a woman by the name of Hilma (maiden name unknown).

Based on Census Information:
August was born - June 1867, in Finland and Immigrated around 1887; and
Hilma was born - May 1860, in Finland and Immigrated around 1890
They were married around 1887
They had one surviving child out of three, Brunolf August Eilola who was born on February 6, 1896 (In the US census Brunolf's name is spelled several different ways: Rudolf, Brynolf, Buenold, Bernard and even August B.).

I believe that August was the brother of a John Eilola, also of Finland to Hancock. There are two John's in Hancock toward the turn of the 20th century - one I believe to be the brother of August(based on immigration dates). The other I believe to be a "cousin" of the Minnesota Eilola's and a son of Sefanias (see obituary on the links) and not "directly" related to the original Eilola's that settled in Hancock (I may be wrong).

I have not been able to find any death records, obituaries or listings in Cemeteries for either my August or Hilma Eilola, in the UP (Hancock, Houghton area) but I believe they both passed away between 1920 and 1930.

I found a postcard for sale on line written to my grandfather, Brunolf, the postmark was 1913. Brunolf was still in Hancock and living 305 Tezcucco Street in Hancock at the time - this coincides with the 1910 Census as well as the 1916-1917 R.L. Polk Directory

Based on August's WWI draft registration card - Brunolf lists his residence as: 115 Hancock St., Hancock, Michigan.

115 Hancock St. is also the same address that August Harold Eilola listed on his WWI draft registration card. August Harold lists his father as John Eilola.

This John, I believe is the brother of August and also the father of "Niece Hilma", living with my August and Hilma in 1920

Brunolf eventually made his way to Detroit and married Lempi Korpi (Libbie Selina Korby, daughter of John Korby of Minnesota/Calumet, Michigan). Libbie had a number of brothers and sisters.

Brunolf passed away in 1941 - in Detroit, Michigan

Libbie passed away in 1971 - in Detroit, Michigan

Additional Eilola Information:

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