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I haven't always been fat.  No Really!!  I was thin all through highschool.  It's funny how things change and change they did.  I met my X-Husband at a job interview just after highschool.  Little did I know his abuse would change me until now.  I quickly gained weight.  He wouldn't allow me to eat fast food so whenever he wasn't around, Jack in the Box was :) 
In over a year, I had gained about 100 lbs.  Thankfully we divorced and I met the man of my dreams.  Eddie.

We met (over the phone) in March of 1993.  I worked at a radio station and he was doing security for a computer manufacturing plant.  We had a mutual freind and one night Eddie decided to call the station since he had been listening.  We talked all night long.  By morning, we had exchanged phone numbers and addresses.  It's not like he lived far away but it was about 36 miles or so.  Far enough that we hadn't met :)   For the next month or so we talked on the phone and wrote letters back and forth.  I can't tell you how much I looked forward to his letters.  They always made me laugh and often times would include funny stories that he had made up while being bored in the office at work :)  Well, in this month (though I didn't think it possible) I fell in love with a man I had never seen.  Working in radio has it's perks and so I was able to get tickets to a Giants vs Mets game in San Francisco.  Eddie picked me up in the morning and we spent the whole day there.  The game started at 7:05 that night.  He took me to the beach where we ate sandwiches that my Dad & I had made.  My parents were excited for me and thought ANYTHING was better than Bill (the X).   Well, the Giants did win which was great for me since I am a fan.  Eddie and I headed back to Modesto.  It's was about 10:30 or so.  I think I fell asleep before we even left San Francisco.  What a great date I was eh? :)    He was the perfect gentlman though and took me home safe and sound :)  After this date, we were inseperable and on December 31, 1995 we were married. 

So basically I am telling all this because I have wanted to start a journal and since Eddie is a MAJOR part of my life, I thought it best to give a little background about how we met.  I know journals are supposed to be private but at least I can get all these issues I have out.  Call it therapy :) 

I am going to let you step inside my world to see what I have endured being an overweight person.  I just hope that I don't bore you and if you see that I haven't written in a while, by all means email me and tell me to get on it.  My surgery is going to take place on March 25, 2004 so if I don't write for a few days after that, you will know why.  Just pray for me that I am A-OK.  I have never had any surgery (except my wisdom teeth but big deal)
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