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Busy little worker bee....that's me...OH wait!  That's Kelly :)  I am becoming so busy anymore that I don't know which way is up and which way is down....Starting the Lingerie thing has been great!  However, I have no room to breath (YET)  Once I can get all my files organized, etc I'll be good.  But for now, paperwork is in piles on the floor waiting to be filed, labels needing to be put on the catalogs, invitations to be mailed and calls to be made :)  Working in Modesto right isn't helping although the money I have to say is GREAT!!!!!!!  So I won't complain.  I do however get to see my friends down there more often and my cousin and aunt are coming up from Newman next week to have lunch with me.  I can't wait to see them and Conner.  Conner is going to be 5.  He's my cousin's son.  I asked if he was going to bring his Grandma with him for lunch and he said, "ya but grandpa has to work on that day"  LOL 
So, I got a present in the mail the other day!  I LOVE IT!!!!  Tracey, our friend in New Zealand made a beautiful pink/gold beaded bracelet for me.  It is sooooo pretty.  Will have to put a pic on when I get a chance.  I do however have pics to put on today for you all :)  I know you are DYING to see me :) LOL HEHEHE
the only place I really see it is in my face.  However, my pants are constantly falling off me and I did put on a size pants yesterday that I haven't worn since Eddie and I were dating 10 years ago.  I'm pretty happy about that.  See my pink bracelet -->  you can't really see it but it's on the hand closest to this window.
So anyhow, I ate pizza last night...and though I ate too much, I did ok.  I tried to avoid the crust but that was next to impossible LOL  I got in a chat room last night for  The people there are soooo nice.  They get together and provide support for those about to have surgery.  One girl is having hers today and that's what the chat was all about last night.  Some people are pre op and some are post op. 
I have been so busy that I'm not doing what I am supposed to.  I'm not eating right (pizza for one).  I need to go grocery shopping...that's the problem.  There is nothing here to eat.  I did however find out that KFC has oven baked chicken (though I could live without the breading) and green beans.  That's what I had the other day. was good...nice and moist.  Started bowling the other night too....damn near killed me.  I'm still trying to make my legs move right LOL  It's GREAT exercise that's all I have to say.  I'm out of room here now so need to say good bye.  May have to add another of the same day but later.  Have lots to say about bowling, weight loss, etc etc (oh and I'm at 38 lbs lost now) NOT BAD
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