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Chris's Home Page
This is my husband and I in New Zealand
Journal Update 5/06/04
This is before surgery taken on 3/16/04
My whole goal for this webpage is so that freinds and family can see the progress that I am about to undergo.  I will be having Gastric Bypass surgery in about 1 week.  Though I am very nervous, I look forward to the outcome of it.  I was inspired to finally take action when a family member had it done without anyone knowing.  Not having seen her in a year, I was astonished to see how great she looked after losing 120 lbs.   Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this.  I have also included a journal (which I just started but am going to try to go into detail all that I have endured being heavy)  I will also talk about other things that have happened in my life. I guess it'll kinda be a life story journal :)
Wanna see the new house????
To read my journal from the beginning:
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