The World of Diamic

Enter you who desire magic and adventure
Enter you who wish to escape to a world of fantasy, from a world so dull and so pale
But heed the right path, for all who come and go must pass through the misty Mountains of Veil

Welcome then to a world of adventure and magic, a world of fantasy, once forgotten, but at the same time, not yet conceived...

About this website This is my personal webpage to promote my works of fiction, all taking place in my fantasy world, Diamic. Here I explain to you the setting, so that you may have a better understanding as you continue to explore my world, and you may also enjoy many samples my fiction in the history and random tales section. Please tell anyone you know who enjoys fantasy about this webpage, and let me know if there's anyway i can improve it. Contact me at my email at: with questions, comments, or anything else. But don't consider this the personal website of another author, consider it the beginning of a world of magic and adventure in the making. I invite you to come and enjoy it as you choose, and take from the experience what you will, as you enter...The World of Diamic

Random Tales-Free Short Stories by me, in no particular order, with no particular purpose, etc. Just random Fantasy, some heroic fantasy, some gentle, whatever. Enjoy.

Tales of History-Stories of historical importance organized to the best of our ability in chronological order. Found here are the events that have thus far shaped our world...

Zerxes Book of Lore-A basic understanding of Diamic. Things, people, places, wildlife, minerals, and more unique to the world. The bread and bones guide to Diamic, if you will.

The Market-My storefront where you can purchase little works of mine (glance to see what I've made available for free). Here is also the place to purchase my latest published novel, The First Free King of The North. Check it out!

About the author-The creator of this webpage, the writer of these works, and the creator of this world. Three in one. Who is this guy, and what makes him tick? Why did he once go by the alias of: Writermadman? Find out here.

(New!)The Blog- My official author blog, click for announcements, musings, thoughts, and best of all more fictional works.

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