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What do men think about all day? Women, Motorcycles, Classic Cars, ( just to mention a few) in other words - how they would rather be spending  their time with instead of working. This page is dedicated to us working class slobs, and some of the things in life that we love.

The V45 Magna Page

Well, it's time again to dust off the toy's and put some miles on. Thanks for stopping by. If you have any tech (or any other) questions e-mail me.Thanks for visiting my little corner of the web! Be sure to check back often, this page will be constantly under construction.

My Magna has 20400mi on a rebuilt motor, all polished aluminum, new chrome, new seat, the engine has been slightly bored out, carbs jetted, and a upgraded cam. It looks pretty good, moves pretty good (12.4 in the 1/4 Mile!), but my only complaint so far has been that the low fuel light doesn't work. I found that out the hard way.....Yes, I ran it out of gas the first day I bought it.

P.S. Thanks to my bud "Stan the Man" for snapping this picture! ( That's his 96' Impala SS for all you chevy fans out there!)

The Magna is the original muscle cruiser, capable of 0 to 60mph times of 4.6 seconds for the V45 and 4.3 seconds for the V65 fresh from the factory. ( With the right rider !)

Photo Gallery

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My Baby!magna1.JPG (24372 bytes)Jim Learning to Ride 4/5/00Paul's 1981 CB750 CustomMike's 1968 Mustang - Sweet!!!

All3Bikes.jpg (179349 bytes)~Da Boys~All3Bikes5.jpg (76705 bytes)


Wanna run your bike down the 1/4 mile? Check out Route 66 Race way's schedule in Joliet Illinois!  Go to Route 66 Homepage

Joys of Life



For Specifications Reviews of the V45 and V65 Magna's click Here for a link to Bob's Reviews Page.

For infomation about wrenching the Honda Sabre and Magna series, check out The SabMag FAQ.


Always remember, It's not necesarily what you ride, it's the fact that you ride.

Special Mention:

Gotta say "HI" to my riding buddies! Louie, Stan, Art, Bear, Wolfman, Paul, Kevin, & Shawn - who we will find another bike for soon! - and everybody else (They know who they are!)


Free Advice  - Let sleeping dogs lie....

By the way, that's my alarm system! ha ha ha.....

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