Please browse around, and do let us know if you find
anything that might connect to your own research, or if you think
that you may be able to help us in any way.

The surname Whittaker has many variations. We have used the double 't' here because that is how our name is spelt now. 
In most of the earlier documents our ancestors were recorded as Whitaker, with the single 't', and occasionally as Whitacre.

Most of our research has been in and around Nottingham, England. 
That is where we live, and where there has been a branch of our family for over two hundred years. 
There has been at least one Whit(t)aker line in Nottinghamshire for much longer than that, but we have yet to find if we have a connection to them.

Some family members have probably traveled to other parts of the world.  Perhaps they join your family tree at some stage?  
If you do find a link, please let us know

We have also done a considerable amount of research into a lot of the other branches of our family tree. 
So, if the surname Whittaker is of no interest to you, perhaps you might find some of your ancestors in the other sections.
Please take a look at the Surname Index.  

Good Hunting,

Ann & Carole (nee Whittaker) and our dad, Thomas, 
to whom we are most grateful for starting it all, and for doing most of the hard work, 
the Internet became available.

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