The Ancestors of James George Whitaker.

Godfrey Whitaker b? (m) Elizabeth Baker b? St Nicholas Nottingham 1683.

Issue of Godfrey Whitaker and Elizabeth Baker

Thomas (b) 1683 (m) Mary Hodgkinson 1710 St Nicholas Nottingham, 
    Issue Thomas 1711, Mary 1712, George Valentine 1713.

Elizabeth (b) 1685 (m) Samuel Saywell.

Godfrey (b) 1689 (d) 1754 (m) Elizabeth ? , 
    Issue Godfrey 1715, Thomas 1719,
Edward 1722, 2nd (m) Mary Watson 1736, 3rd (m) Fortune Godfrey 1749

John (b) 1692 (m) Hannah Rowson, 
    Issue, Hannah 1713, John 1713/14, Mary 1716, Godfrey 1723.

Ann (b) 1695.


Godfrey (b) 1689 (d) 1754 (m) 1st  Elizabeth ? 
                                                 2nd Mary Watson 1736 at St Nicholas Nottingham 
                                              3rd Fortune Godfrey 1749 at Duffield, Derbyshire.

Issue of GodfreyWhitaker and Elizabeth ?

Godfrey (b)1715/16, (m) Jane Williamson at St Mary's Nottingham. 
    issue Edward 1742, Ann 1746.

Thomas (b) 1719.

Edward (b) 1722. (m) Ann Watson 1746 at St Nicholas Nottingham. 
Edward 1747, Elizabeth 1748/49, Godfrey 1752, Mary 1754, Ann 1756, Mary 1759.


Edward (b) 1722 (m) Ann Watson at St Nicholas Nottingham. Edward was a Gardener and a Burgess of Nottingham.

Issue of Edward Whitaker and Ann Watson

Edward (b) 1747 (d) 1783. (m) Ann Tatton 1777 at St Mary's Nottingham. 
Edward (b) 1780, Ann 1781, John 1783.

Elizabeth (b) 1747/48 (d) 1833 (m) John Tatton brother of the above Ann at St Mary's Nottingam.

Godfrey (b) 1752

Mary (b) 1754

Ann (b) 1756, (d) ? (m) Godfrey Lemon 1777 at St Mary's Nottingham. 
    Issue John 1781, Sarah 1800, Ann ?

Mary (b) 1759.


Edward (b) 1747 (d) 1783 (m) Ann Tatton 1777 at St Mary's Nottingham.  Edward was made a Burgess of the town in 1768
After his death in 1783 Ann (m) Miles Leake 1787 at St Mary's Nottingham.

Issue of Edward Whitaker and Ann Tatton

Edward (b) 1780 (d) 1834 (m) Ann Butler 1804 at St Ann's Nottingham. 
    Issue Edward 1804, Mary Ann 1808,
William Butler 1814, George 1816.

Ann (b) 1781 (m) Richard Ward 1800 at St Mary's.

John (b) 1783 (m) Annis Ellis 1809 at St Mary's Nottingham. 
    Issue Ann 1813 (who had Amos Frederick 1830), John 1816, Edward Rancliffe 1819 (who married Mary Ann Mills and had Harriet, Edward and Sarah Ann),
             Lucy 1820, Harriet 1824, Henry 1826, Amos 1830.


Edward (b) 1780 (d) 1834 (m) Ann Butler 1804 at St Ann's Nottingham. 
Edward was a Butcher and was enrolled as a burgess 1801.

Issue Of Edward Whitaker and Ann Butler

Edward (b) 1804 (m) Elizabeth Hodget 1826 at St Peters Radford, Notts. 
    Issue Mary Ann 1829, Martha 1832, William 1833, Matilda 1835, Robert Butler 1841, Edward 1844.

Mary Ann (b) 1808 (d) 1826.

William Butler 1814 (m) Mary Ann Brewster 1836 at St Mary's Nottingham. 
    Issue Mary Ann 1839, William Butler 1840 (plumber / gas works) married Mary Ann May,
George Edward 1843, Henry Brewster 1846, 
            Albert James 1847,  Frederick 1850, Georgina Elizabeth 1853.

George (b) 1816 (d) 1861 (m) Eliza Baily 1838 at St Peters Nottingham. 
        Issue Mary Ann 1839, George 1840,
William Edward 1840, Albert 1842, Elizabeth 1844, Ellen 1846.


William Butler (b) 1814 (m) Mary Ann Brewster 1836 at St Mary's Nottingham. 
William was named after his grandfather William Butler, a Baker in Nottingham. 
Mary Ann Brewster was born in Corby Lincs.

Issue of William Butler and Mary Ann Brewster

Mary Ann (b) 1839.

William Butler (b) 1840 (d) 1911 (m) Mary Ann May
     Issue, William Butler 1860 d. 1869, Frank Brewster 1861, Clara Elizabeth 1864 (d) 1867, Florence Mary 1867, 
                Harold Digby, Margaret May (born Argentina about 1880), Gladys Beryl (born Argentina about 1883), 
William started off as a plumber and ended his life as a Civil Engineer concerned with Gas works.  The Institute of Civil Engineers informed me he had been in charge of the gasworks at Bombay, Donnington Park, Belper and finally Buenos Aries, Argentina.  He returned to England, was on the 1901 census, and died in 1911.  Unfortunately, Argentina was was the last place I was able to trace his sons, Frank Brewster Whitaker and Harold Digby Whitaker  Please see Whittaker Message Board     

George Edward (b) 1843 (m) Betsy Newton 1865 at St Ann's Nottingham. 
    Issue Albert Edward 1869, Annie 1871, Helen 1875, George Newton 1879, Margaret Louise 1882, Charles Brewster 1884.

Henry Brewster (b) 1846 (m) Mary.R.? 
    Issue Clara G.R. 1870, Bertha M.J. 1871, Henry B 1873, Beatrice E 1875, Ernest 1876.

Albert James (b) 1847 (m) Emma Swain ?

Frederick John (b) 1849 (m) Ann ? 
    Issue Mabel H. 1880.

Georgina Elizabeth (b) 1853.


George Edward (b) 1843 (m) Betsy Newton 1865 at St Ann's Nottingham 
Some time after this they moved from Nottingham to Manchester where all their children were born.

Issue of George Edward and Betsy Newton.

Albert Edward (b) 1869 (m) Olivia Jane Colley ? 
    Issue Albert James 1901, Edna Lillian 1902, Edward Newton 1905, William George 1914.

Annie (b) 1871.

Helen (b) 1875.

George Newton (b)1879.

Margaret Louise (b) 1882.

Charles Brewster (b) (1884) (m) Annie Elizabeth Thorp?
    Issue Charles Newton 1905, Frank Edward 1908, Elizabeth 1911, James George 1911, Nancy.

James George Whitaker being my father who died 6th February 1997 is the point at which I wish to call a halt to this family tree. 
Also included is the family of Albert Edward Whitaker my grandfather's brother.

If you think you have a connection with this family we will be pleased to hear from you. I can be contacted at :-


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