Family History

David Edis m. 30 Mar 1747 at Paston, Catherine Kendred
 (A David Edis, was buried in Paston January 1781 but no details were given)

Children of David Edis and Catherine Kendred:
        i.  Richard Edis bapt 5 Feb 1748 in Paston, residence Werrington
        ii.  James Edis bapt. 9 Sept 1750 in Paston, residence Werrington
1.     iii. Thomas Edis bapt 11 Nov 1753 in Paston, residence Werrington
        iv.  Jane Edis bapt. 15 May 1757 in Paston, residence Werrington

Next Generation

1. Thomas Edis (bapt. 11 Nov 1753, son of David and Catherine) of the Hamlet of Werrington,  
married 7 Dec 1780 in Paston, Northamptonshire, England, Mary Brooks  of St. John the Baptist, Peterborough
     (From original register, at Northampton)
     Thomas died before 27 June 1829 - the date his will was proved.

Church of England, Diocese of Peterborough, Consistory Court (proved at P'boro),
Registered wills 1826-1835 (#0174913). 

27 Jun 1829 (Proved), Thomas Edis of Werrington, shoemaker, (leaves) to
eldest son David Edis who now lives in London 10 pounds;
to youngest son who now lives in Nottingham, Thomas Edis, 15 pounds;
to second son John Edis the 'rest, residue' (etc of the estate). 
Executors were 'good friends Robert Bodger and Clement Whitehead of Werrington, farmers'. 
Witnesses were Thomas Holt and John Garner (X).  Effects 'sworn under 200 pounds'.

Children of Thomas Edis and Mary Brooks:-
        i. Elizabeth Edis bapt. 11 November 1781 in Paston, residence Werrington
        ii. David Edis bapt. 17 November 1782 in Paston, residence Werrington
        iii. James Edis bapt. 14 March 1784 in Paston, residence Werrington
                James must have died before his father because John is mentioned as the second son.
        iv. John Edis bapt. 3 September 1786, in Paston, residence Werrington
2.    v. 2. Thomas Edis bapt. 2 November 1788 in Paston, residence Werrington
        vi. William Edis bapt. 3 April 1791 in Paston, residence Werrington
                 William must have died before his father, because Thomas is mentioned as the youngest son.

Next Generation

2. Thomas Edis (bapt. 2 Nov 1788 son of Thomas & Mary.)
        m. (1) 24 Jul 1809, St. Mary's, Bingham, Notts., Elizabeth Robinson, b. abt. 1787, buried: 30 Sep 1835, Nottm., St. Mary's
        m. (2) 14th May 1836, St. Mary's, Nottm., Sarah Banister, b.abt.1791, Nottm., d. 7 May 1863, buried: 10 May1863, St. Mary's, Nottm..
            Thomas died 5 Jun 1857, buried: 9 Jun 1857, St. Mary's, Nottm..

Children of Thomas Edis and Elizabeth Robinson:-
        i. Mary Edis bapt. 25 Feb 1810, Bingham, Notts., buried: 27 Feb 1810, Bingham, Notts.
        ii. Sarah Edis bapt. 16 Aug 1812, at Paston, Northants, (register entry states daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth of Nottingham)
            Married  27 Dec 1835 in St. Mary's, Nottingham, John Leatherland 
        iii. Mary Edis b. 20 Jan 1813, bapt. "the same month" 1813, Wesleyan Methodist, Nottm.. 
                m. 26 May 1833 Nottm. St. Mary's, James Soar
More about Soar click here
3.    iii.  David Edis bapt. 28 Nov 1814, St. Nicholas, Nottingham.  
                (Register states David, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Hedus of Exchange Court, cordwainer) 
        iv. Catherine Edis bapt. 7 Aug 1816, St. Nicholas', Nottm. 
                (Register states Catherine, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Edis of Exchange Court, cordwainer) 
                  m. 8 Jan 1833, Nottm. St. Mary, Henry Hart Berrisford.  
                            More about Berrisford, click here
        v. Thomas Edis bapt. 20 Sep 1818, St. Mary's, Nottm, buried: 27 Sep 1818, St. Mary's, Nottm.
        vi. Elizabeth Edis bapt..10 May 1820, St. Mary's, Nottm, buried: 30 Sep 1821, St. Mary's, Nottm.

Next Generation

3. David Edis (bapt. 28 Nov 1814, son of Thomas Edis & Elizabeth Robinson),
    m. 4 Oct 1834, St. Mary's, Nottm., Johannah Parker, (otherwise known as Hannah Parker
        bapt. 21 Jun 1818, St. Mary's Nottm., (daughter of William Parker and Jane Radford)
     Johannah died  28 Jan 1871, buried: 1 Feb 1871, St. Mary's, Nottm..
     David died 24 Nov 1886, buried: 27 Nov 1886, St. Catherine's, Nottm.

Children of David Edis and Johannah Parker:-
        i.. Jane Edis bapt. 22 Feb 1835, St. Mary's, Nottm, 
                m. 6 Jun 1858, St. Mary's, Nottm, Samuel Francis, b.abt.1835, Nottm., bricklayer, builder (son of James Francis)
                Jane died 30 Oct 1900, buried 3 Nov 1900 in Church Cemetery, Nottm.
                More about Francis click here
                To see photographs of Samuel and Jane click here                      
        ii. Elizabeth Subdon Edis bapt. 9 Jan 1837, St. Mary's, Nottm, 
                m. 22 Nov 1852, St. Paul's, Nottm, John Grundy, b. abt.1834, Nottm,  tailor, (son of Edward Grundy
                More about Grundy click here
        iii. Thomas Edis b. 14 Mar 1840, Nottm., d. 22 Jan 1843, buried: 25 Jan 1843, St. Mary's, Nottingham.
4.    iv.  Thomas Edis b. 22 May 1843, Nottm.
                 m. 1 Jul 1861, St. Mary's, Nottm, Elizabeth Ozenbrook
More about Ozenbrook click here 
5.    v.   John Edis b. 17 Oct 1845, Nottm, bapt.17 Oct 1882, St. Paul's, Nottm
        vi.   James Edis b. 10 Jan 1849, Nottm, 
            m. 25 Mar 1883, St. Mary's, Nottm, Emily Flecknoe, b.abt.1851, Nottm, (daughter of Frederick Flecknoe and Sarah Scattergood)
             James died 23 Nov 1918, Nottm, buried: 29 Nov 1918, Nottingham General Cemetery 
            More about Flecknoe click here 
6.    vii.. William Edis b. 6 Oct 1851, Nottm,
        viii. Sarah Edis b. 13 Feb 1854, Nottm, d. 27 Feb 1918, buried: 2 Mar 1918, Nottm General Cemetery
        ix. Rebecca Edis b. 13 Jan 1857, Nottm, d. 25 Mar 1859, buried: 28 Mar 1859, St. Mary's, Nottingham.
7.    x. . David Edis b. 31 Aug 1859, Nottm, bapt.3 Apr 1870, St. Paul's, Nottm.

Next Generation

4. Thomas Edis (b. 1843, son of David Edis & Hannah Parker )
         m. 1 Jul 1861, St. Mary's, Nottm, Elizabeth Ozenbrook, b. 17 Apr 1842, Nottm, (daughter of John Ozenbrook and Emily Wheatley
          Elizabeth died 27 Apr 1889, buried: 1 May 1889, St. Catherine's, Nottm.
          Thomas died 6 May 1903, Bagthorpe Workhouse Hospital, buried: 11 May 1903, Nottingham General Cemetery

Children of Thomas Edis and Elizabeth Ozenbrook:-
8.    i.      Jane Edis b. 16 Sep 1861, Nottm.  
                   (Jane was registered as James, her mother's maiden name was entered as Aulslebrook - but as neither Thomas nor Elizabeth could read, 
                    they wouldn't have known what was on the certificate, even if they could have afforded to buy it ! )
9.    ii.      Elizabeth Gertrude Edis (also known as Gertrude Edis ) b. 20 Aug 1863, Nottm.
       iii.     Bessie Edis (otherwise known as Betsy Edis )b. 25 Apr 1865, Nottm, d. 9 Dec 1865, buried: 11 Dec 1865, St. Mary's, Nottingham.
       iv.     John Edis b. 26 Nov 1866, Nottm.
                    John was 14 years old on the 1881 census, but we have found nothing of him after that
                    Anyone found a John to fit?  please contact me
        v. . James Edis b. 16 Jun 1869, d. 11 Aug 1869, buried: 15 Aug 1869, St. Mary's, Nottingham.
        vi.. Joanna Edis b. 27 Nov 1870, Nottm, d. 10 Dec 1870, Nottm, buried: 14 Dec 1870, St. Mary's, Nottm.
        vii. Sarah Edis b. 10 Dec 1871, Nottm, d. 9 Jul 1872, buried: 12 Jul 1872, St. Mary's, Nottm.
        viii. Thomas Edis b. 13 Nov 1875, Nottm, d. 8 Sep 1876 Nottm, buried: 12 Sep 1876, St. Mary's, Nottingham.
10    ix.   Thomas Edis (otherwise known as John Thomas Edis ), b. 13 Jan 1877, Nottm.

                More about Ozenbrook click here  


5. John Edis b. 17 Oct 1845, Nottm, bapt.17 Oct 1882, St. Paul's, Nottm., son of David Edis & Hannah Parker ) 
        m. 17 Oct 1872, St. Mary's, Nottm. Ann Crossley Mason, b. abt. 1851, Burton Joyce, Notts., daughter of William Mason and Ellen ?
        Ann died  26 Mar 1923, City Hospital, buried: 29 Mar 1923
        John died 5 Nov 1882, buried: 8 Nov 1882, St. Mary's, Nottingham.

Children of John Edis and Ann Crossley Mason:-
    i. . Ellen Edis b. abt.1874, Nottm, bap. 20 Dec 1882, St. Paul's, Nottm. d. 16 Dec 1921, buried: 21 Dec 1921,
    ii. Mary Edis b.abt.1874, Nottm, d. before1881.
    iii. Sarah Ann Edis b abt. 1875, Nottm, bapt. 20 Dec 1882, St. Paul's, Nottm, d. 4 Dec 1916, buried: 9 Dec 1916
    iv. John Edis b. abt.1877, Nottm, bapt. 20 Dec 1882, St. Paul's, Nottm, d. 26 Jan 1909, buried: 30 Jan 1909
    v.. Joanna Edis b. abt. 1878, Nottm, buried: 5 Aug 1878, St. Mary's, Nottingham.
    vi. William Edis b. abt.1880, Nottm, bapt. 20 Dec 1882, St. Paul's, Nottm, d. 5 Jan 1905, buried: 10 Jan 1905


6. William Edis  b. 6 Oct 1851, Nottm. son of David Edis & Johannah Parker
       m. (1) 3 Oct 1872, in St. Mary's, Nottm, Alice Whiting, b. 1855, Radford, (daughter of Elam Whiting and Mary Ann Powel
           Alice died 13 Jul 1885, buried: 16 Jul 1885, General Cemetery, Nottm.
       m. (2) 10 Jul 1886, Register Office, Nottm, Lucy Quail, b 25 Mar 1862, (dau. of William Quail and Eliza Besston
           Lucy died 12 Apr1932, buried 16 Apr 1932 at General Cemetery, Nottm.
           William died 31 Aug 1918, buried: 3 Sep 1918, Nottingham General Cemetery
                             To see a photograph of William and his son Billy, click here

Children of William Edis & Alice Whiting:-
        i.. Annie Edis b.abt.1873, bapt.13 Aug 1879, St. Mark's, Nottm, 
            m. (1) ? Turton
            m. (2) 4 Jun 1906, St. Mary's, Nottm, Arthur Patrick Brett, bricklayer, b. abt.1879, (son of Nicholas Brett) .
11.    ii.  Thomas Elam Edis b abt.1874, c.13 Aug 1879, St. Mark's, Nottm
        iii. David Edis b abt.1876, Nottm, d. 30 Dec 1877, buried: 2 Jan 1878, Nottm General Cemetery
        iv. Sarah Edis b.abt. 1877, Nottm., bap.13 Aug 1879, St. Mark's, Nottm.
        v. William Edis b. abt 1878, Nottm, (Otherwise known as Billy Edis )bap.13 Aug 1879, St. Mark's, Nottm.
                Excerpt from "The Sherwood Foresters in the Great War 1914 - 1918 1/8th Battalion by Captain W. C. C. Weetman MC 
                - Many other gallant deeds were performed during these strenuous days.  Special credit being due to Sergt. Edis for good work in charge of a platoon."
                    To see a photograph of Billy and his father click here
        vi. Henry Edis b abt. 1880, Nottm.
        vii. David Edis b abt. 1881, Nottm, d. 29 Jan 1883, buried: 1 Feb 1883, Nottm General Cemetery
        viii. Arthur Edis b abt. 1884, Nottm, d. 28 Mar 1886, buried: 1 Apr 1886, Nottm General Cemetery
Children of William Edis & Lucy Quail:-
12        ix. Edgar Edis b. abt.1887, Nottm., m. 1910, Ethel Annie Thurman.
13       x.  Arthur Edis b.31 July1889, 
                m. 4 May 1912, East Nottingham Baptist Mission, St. Ann's, Nottm., Ada Watkinson 
                    b. 29 Apr 1888, Nottm. daughter of George Watkinson and Elizabeth Francis.
                    Ada died Nov 1959, buried Wilford Hill, Nottm.
                    Arthur died Feb 1949, Nottm., buried Wilford Hill, Nottm.
                        Carole (Edis) Spencer is a direct descendent of Arthur Edis and Ada Watkinson
           xi. Albert Edis b. abt.1894, Nottm., died 1894, Nottm.
          xii. Harold Edis b. abt.1898, Nottim. died 27 July 1899, buried 29 July 1899 Nottm General Cemetery
         xiii. Elsie Edis b.10 Mar 1899, Nottm, 
                m. 16 Jul 1927, St. Ann's, Nottm, Arthur John Brown, b. 13 Aug 1898, (son of Arthur John Brown)
                Elsie died 1 Dec 1956 in Nottingham
                And Arthur John died 20 Oct 1970 in Nottingham
                        Neil Fuller is a descendent of Elsie Edis and Arthur John Brown 
                        and has kindly sent us more information on this line.
To see photographs of Elsie and Arthur click here
                            To see photographs of Elsie and Arthur's wedding click here
14     xiv. Alfred Edis b. abt.1902, Nottm, m. 18 Dec 1920, St. Ann's, Nottm, Gertrude Reynolds, b. abt.1901, (daughter of Harold Reynolds). 
                 Alfred died abt.1945.
          xv. Claude Edis b. abt.1906, Nottm, m. 18 Aug 1934, St. Andrew's, Nottm, Lilian Hemsley, b.abt.1907, (daughter of Everett Hemsley).


7. David Edis (b. 1859 son of David Edis & Hannah Parker ) 
        m. 15 Sep 1879, St. Ann's Well Rd. Chapel, Emma Fletcher, b. 1859, Nottm, (daughter of Samuel Fletcher
         Emma died 28 Sep 1932, buried: 1 Oct 1932, Nottm Church Cemetery
         David died 13 Jun 1917, buried: 18 Jun 1917, Nottingham Church Cemetery

Children of David Edis and Emma Fletcher:-
        i.. Ada Edis b.abt.1887, Nottm, m. 15 Sep 1913, St. Andrew's, Nottm, George Carlos Dodsworth, b.abt.1888, (son of George Carlos Dodsworth).
        ii. May Edis b. abt.1889, Nottm, m. 29 May 1909, St. Ann's, Nottm, John William Scarlette, b.abt.1886, (son of John Scarlette and Emma ?
             May died at Sheffield, Derbys, buried: 19 Feb 1920, Nottm Church Cemetery

 Next Generation

8. Jane Edis (b. 1861, daughter of Thomas Edis & Elizabeth Ozenbrook )
        Jane died 27 Mar 1922, City Hospital, Nottm. She never married.

Children of Jane Edis:-
        i. Jane Edis b. Aug 1881, Nottm, buried: 20 Aug 1881, St. Mary's, Nottm.
        ii. Thomas Edis b. 11 Oct 1886, Union Workhouse, Nottm, buried: 20 Jan 1887, St. Catherine's, Nottm.
        iii. Johanna Edis b.abt.1888, Nottm.
        iv. Ellen Edis b. abt.1890, Nottm, bapt. 3 Jul 1901, St. Philip's, Sneinton, Notts, 
                m. 9 Jun 1919, St. Paul's Nottm, Joseph Gilding, b. abt 1887, (son of George Gilding and Emma Smith)
                    See Gilding family tree 


9. Elizabeth Gertrude Edis  (also known as Gertrude Edis ) (b. 20 Aug 1863, Nottm., daughter of Thomas Edis & Elizabeth Ozenbrook )
        As far as we know, Elizabeth did not marry, but lived and had children with Frederick Henry Bournbrook, b. abt. 1864
          his mother's name was Elizabeth and he had an elder brother William Bournbrook
           Frederick Henry Bournbrook
had earlier married 1 Aug 1880, Nottm St. Mary's, Jane Stevens .

Children of Elizabeth Gertrude Edis:-
        i.     Elizabeth Edis b. abt.1884, Nottm.
        ii.     Mary Ann Edis b. abt. 1887, Nottm., bap. 30 Nov 1887
        iii.    Thomas Edis b. 1889, Nottm., m. 5 Jun 1911, St. Paul's Nottm., Ada Starr, b. abt. 1892
                    Ada died March, 1958, buried 12 Mar 1958 St. Stephen's, Sneinton, Nottm.
        iv.    Lillian Edis b. abt. 1899, Nottm., 
                    m. 13 Sep 1919, St. Paul's, Nottm., Frederick Henry Winfield b. abt. 1898
        v.    Violet Edis b. 1901, m. 2 Aug 1920, St. Paul's, Nottm, William Hickingbottom, b. abt. 1898
        vi.    Annie Edis b. abt. 1902, m. 4 Jun 1926, St. Peter's, Nottm., Horace Spray, b. abt. 1899
                        We have found burials of 2 more children who might be Elizabeth's, but can't prove it:-
                        Frederick Henry Edis buried 17 Aug 1893 age 13 months
                        Johannah Edis buried 21 Aug 1894 age 8 months


10. Thomas Edis ( b. 1877, son of Thomas Edis & Elizabeth Ozenbrook) 
            m. 1 Dec 1896, Register Office, Nottm, Harriet Louisa Brown, b. 10 Jan 1881, Radford, 
                (daughter of William Henry Brown and Harriet Hephzibah Amott) More about Amott, click here
            Harriet Louisa died 28 Dec 1947, Nottm. Buried 1 Jan 1948 at Carlton Cemetery, Nottm.  
            Thomas died 15 Sep 1924, City Hospital, Notts.  buried 20 Sep 1924 Carlton Cemetery, Nottm.

Children of Thomas Edis & Harriet Louisa Brown:-
        i. Eliza Edis b. 18 Jun 1898, Nottm, bap.12 Jul 1898, St. Philip's, Sneinton, Notts, d. 24 May 1901, Nottm.
        ii. Thomas Edis b. 27 Jan 1901, Nottm, bap.3 Jul 1901, St. Philip's, Sneinton, Notts, 
                m. 24 May 1920, St. Paul's, Nottm. Emma Foster, b.abt.1902, (daughter of Charles Foster).
                Thomas died 8 Apr 1997, University Hospital, Nottm
        iii. John Edis b. 17 Feb 1903, Nottm, d. 12 May 1903, buried: 16 May 1903, Nottm General Cemetery.
        iv. Eliza Edis  (also known as Bessy Edis ) b. 11 Mar 1904, Nottm, 
                m. 19 May 1923, St. John Baptist, Leenside, Nottm, Frank Whittaker, b. 12 Feb 1903, Nottm. See our Whittaker Family Tree
                Frank died 19 Oct 1981. 
                Eliza died 22 May 1983.
                    To see photographs of Eliza, click here
        v. Ellen Edis b. 10 Dec 1906, Nottm., 
                m. 6 Oct 1923, St. John Baptist, Leenside, Nottm, Harold Newton, (also known as Danny Newton ) b. abt.1902, (son of Henry Newton
                Ellen died 1936, Nottm., buried 24 Jul 1936 Carlton Cemetery, Nottm.
        vi. Harriet Edis (also known as Lal Edis) b. 11 Mar 1910, Nottm, 
                m. 4 Aug 1928, St. Philip & St. Luke, Sneinton, Nottm., Joseph Pearce, b.abt.1907, (son of William Pearce)
                Joseph died abt. 1994 
                Harriet died 1995.
                    To see a photograph of Harriet, click here
        vii. John Edis b. 31 Jan 1913, Nottm, died 17 Feb 1914, Nottm.
        viii. Elizabeth Edis b. 5 Jan 1915, Nottm, died 21 Nov 1918, Nottm.
        ix. Gertrude Edis b. 27 Feb 1918, Nottm, bap 26 Apr 1918 at Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Broad St., Nottm.
                m. 16 Apr 1938, St. Mathias, Sneinton, Nottm, Herbert Horace Porter, b. 8 Dec 1916, Nottm, 
                        (son of William Walter Porter and Gertrude Searcy)
                Herbert Horace died 7 Dec 1988, City Hospital, Nottm.
                Gertrude died 27 Jul 1996, Queens Medical Hospital, Notttm.
                    To see a photograph of Gertrude, click here


11. Thomas Elam Edis (b abt.1874, bap.13 Aug 1879, St. Mark's, Nottm.,  son of William Edis & Alice Whiting ) 
          m.1900 in Sheffield, Jane ? 
          Thomas died 2 Mar 1927, buried 5 Mar 1927 at Church Cemetery, Nottm.

Children of Thomas Elam Edis and Jane ?;
  i.    Thomas Elam Edis b. 1902 (registered 4th qtr.) in Preston, Lancs. 
                m. 17 Apr 1922 St. Bartholomew's, Nottm., Lottie Cook b abt 1900 dau of John Cook


Some of the following information was researched, and provided for inclusion here
by the late Paul Spencer and his wife, Carol Edis Spencer.
Carol is a direct descendant of William Edis.

12. Edgar Edis b. abt.1887, Nottingham,
    married 1910, in Nottingham, Ethel Annie Thurman.

Children of Edgar Edis and Ethel Annie Thurman:
    Hilda Victoria Edis born 1911, Nottingham,
ii     Emily Mabel Edis born abt. 1920, Nottingham, 
        married 1940, in St. Ann's, Nottingham, Francis Victor Smith, born abt.1916, (son of Arthur Victor Smith)


13     Arthur Edis born 31 Jul 1889, Nottingham
        married 4 May 1912, in East Nottm. Baptist Mission, St. Ann's, Ada Watkinson, born 29 Apr 1888, Carlton, Nottingham, 
            (daughter of George Watkinson and Elizabeth Francis
        Ada died Nov 1959, Nottingham, buried Nottingham Wilford Hill Cemetery.
        Arthur died Feb 1949, Nottingham, buried Nottingham Wilford Hill Cemetery.
                To see photographs of Arthur and Ada, click here  

Children of Arthur Edis and Ada Watkinson:
i     Stanley Arthur Edis born 1913.
ii     Hilda May Edis born 1915. married 1945, Mansfield Road Baptist, Alfred Miller.
        Hilda died 1999 at East Leak, Notts.
iii     Herbert Edis born 1917.
iv     Joyce Edis born 28 Aug 1920, Sneinton, Nottingham,
         married 23 Mar 1968, in Standhill Road Methodist, Nottingham, Leonard Alfred Nicholls, born 27 Jul 1920, Folkestone, 
        Leonard died 7 Dec 1998, Nottingham.
        Joyce died 24 Mar 1994, University Hospital, Nottingham.
    Clifford Edis born 1923.
vi     Frank Edward Edis born 26 Mar 1926, Sneinton, Nottingham, died 24 Jan 1943, Sneinton, Nottingham.
vii     Norman Leslie Edis born 1927.
viii     Joan Audrey Edis born  1928.


14    Alfred Edis born 1902, Nottingham
        married 1920, in St. Ann's, Nottingham, Gertrude Reynolds, born 1901, (daughter of Harold Reynolds).
        Alfred died about 1945.

Children of Alfred Edis and Gertrude Reynolds:
    William H. Edis born 1921.
ii     Alfred Edis born 1922,
iii     Joyce Edis born 1925, Nottingham.
iv     Jean Heather Edis born abt.1928

We have been given more information about Carol's family, 
but have omitted it in order to protect their privacy.
If you, or a close family member are entered here, please contact us.

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