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Don Wilson

Joseph Whittaker m. Ellen Shelton 13 Dec 1818 in Greasley, Nottinghamshire
The witnesses were James Whittaker and Martha Shelton.

Issue of Joseph Whittaker and Ellen Shelton:-
1.  John Whittaker bapt. 14 Mar 1819, Greasley, Notts. (son of Joseph and Eleanor)
2. Hannah Whittaker bapt. 26 Nov 1820, Greasley, Notts. (dau of Joseph and Eleanor)
Zillah Whittaker bapt. 17 Feb 1822, Greasley, Notts. (dau of Joseph and Ellen)
4. Harriet Whittaker born abt. 1828.
5. Robert Whittaker bapt. 13 Feb 1832, Greasley, Notts. (son of Joseph and Ellen of Newthorpe)
6. Joseph Whittaker born abt 1833, Moorgreen, Notts.
7. James Whittaker born abt. 1837

In the 1841 census the children Zillah, Harriet, Robert, Joseph and James are shown with one James Whittaker (born abt. 1796), but Joseph and Ellen are not listed and have not been found on any subsequent census.

Burial at Greasley 4 September 1837 - Ellen Whittaker of Newthorpe, age 38 years.

Next Generation

3.  Zillah Whittaker m. William Clay, bapt. 14 Jan 1827, Strelley, Notts., son of Samuel Clay and Lucy

4. Harriet Whittaker m. John Clay, born abt 1823, Stanton, Derbyshire.

Issue of John Clay and Harriet Whittaker:-
A.  Ann Clay born abt. 1850, Lambley
B.  William Clay born abt 1851, Lambley

5.  Robert Whittaker m. Hannah Simons born abt 1834, Bleasby

Issue of Robert Whittaker and Hannah Simons:-
i.  Ann Whittaker born abt 1856, Arnold, Notts.
ii.  Stephen Whittaker born abt. 1860, Newthorpe, Notts. (went to Australia)
iii. John S. Whittaker born abt. 1862, Wellow, Derbys.
iv. Mary E. Whittaker born abt. 1864, Wellow, Derbys.
v.  Alice Whittaker born abt. 1866, Lenton, Nottm.
vi. George Whittaker born abt. 1867, Lenton, Nottm. (went to Australia in 1884)
vii. Josh R. Whittaker born abt. 1868, Lenton, Nottm.
viii. Frederick W. Whittaker born abt. 1870, Lenton, Nottm. (went to Australia after 1891)
ix.  Ada Rose Whittaker born abt. 1875, Derby.

George Whittaker (# vi.) born abt. 1867 was Don's great grandfather.

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