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Nottinghamshire Census Index

We have collected all known instances of the surname Whittaker (and it's variations) in each census of Nottinghamshire 1841 - 1891.

If you think you may have found any of your ancestors on an Index, let us know and we will send you a copy of the full transcription from our data base.

If you find errors or omitions on any of these pages, please tell us.

If you have census information of any Whittakers or variations in other Counties, will you please share it with us, or provide a link to your own web site?

Also, we would love to hear from you if our hard work has been of any use to you - everyone loves to know when a task has been worth the effort!

To view the index (or census), click on the year
(Be patient, though, some files are rather large)

1841 (To view actual full transcripts) 1851
1861 1871
1881 Not indexed yet 1891

Finally, please remember, we are not perfect!

Do check against the originals - Or ask us to do so on your behalf.
We may be able to provide a photocopy from the microfiche at Nottinghamshire Archives.
(A very reasonable charge is made for this service).

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