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Genealogy. Our research, in and around the County of Nottingham, England

Surname Index
Surnames which connect to our family, and information about each one - some link to Family Trees.
Whittaker Family Tree
Our Whittaker Family Tree
Favourite Links
To other useful sites and our favourites
Current Dead-Ends
The 'brick walls' of our research at the moment, perhaps you can help?

Contact us
How to contact us
More Whittakers & Variations
More Whittaker family trees (and variations)
Message Board for other people's dead ends
Apprectices, Burials, Census, Christenings, Marriages, Settlement, Wills.
Nottinghamshire Research
Useful addresses and places to visit.
Cemeteries and burial grounds - a bit of history.
Transcriptions from Church Cemetery.
Map of Nottinghamshire.

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