Medicinewomyn Tarot Sessions
Medicinewomyn's Oasis
Northside, Ohio  45223

Intuitive Tarot Sessions
with Medicine Woman Tarot Deck
designed by Carol Bridges, Earth Nation

Tarot Readings
30 or 60 minute readings
Contact me to set up a time

Medicinewomyn, HTTP, IAC
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Certified Life Coach
Offering Stress Management Sessions
at Medicinewomyn's Oasis in Northisde

Tarot Readings and Distance Healing
by Phone, Online Chat, E-mail or
Your location or my Studio in Northside
Contact me to set up a time


30 or 60 minute sessions - $1 per minute
Barter Accepted
Cincinnati, Ohio

Sessions 5pm - 10pm EST
Weekends, Evenings or By Appointment

Wheel of the Year

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