Fungus Photos

The photos shown below were taken under a dissecting microscope. Fungi were grown on plates with
standard organic medium. The actual size of the Psilocybe mushroom (i.e. the primary stalk) was approximately 3 cm from cap to base, and the cap was only 2 mm wide.

Slide-1 (left): Cap of a mushroom (Psilocybe sp.).
Slide-2 (right): Cap of same mushroom (Psilocybe sp.).

Slide-3 (left), Slide-4 (middle), & Slide-5 (right): Same mushroom as above (Psilocybe sp.).
Notice secondary mushrooms growing from the primary stalk.

Slide-6 (left) & Slide-11 (right): Early stages in growth of mushroom (Psilocybe sp.).

Slide-12 (left) & Slide-13 (right): Aspergillus nidulans A28.



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