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John J. Dunn ca. 1929
My mother and father in a car
My parents' wedding
Me ca. 1934
Me ca. 1935
Me, my brother, and my sister
Me with relatives (1937)
At an observatory.
With a bunch of barefoot children ca. 1940
The school crossing guard ca. 1941
School picture, 1942
Eastwood School, 1942
Me, age 16
Me with sister and brother ca. 1948
Lord of the Rabbits (1949)
Me ca. 1950 (professional photo)
Me in my ROTC uniform ca. 1950
A gal, a kitten, and a fast car (1952)
Guidon bearer (parade) - 1950
Texas A&M, 1950
The Bird Hunter (1953)
Me with kids, 1955
January 1956 (in Dallas)
Where I lived in January 1956
Kids, 1956
Mark Dunn's second birthday party (1957)
Me with the kids (1958)
Me with the kids again (1958)
The nuclear family, 1961
The children again(1965)
My children, 1964
The Fisherman
My children, June 1973
With Linda on her wedding day
Me with the kids, November 1975
Me with a couple of grandchildren
Me with a couple of grandchildren again
Dueling photographers
Me with ALL grandchildren
Me and some relatives (1992)
Mayra, Me, and Katy
Me and Mayra
Family get-together (1998)

A link to the webpage of my erstwhile son, who is a famous lawyer

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