Henry Schickler, QCWA Life Member #2496

I first became interested in Amateur radio when I was about nine years old. A neighbor of mine had a crystal set. This inspired me to look into how radios worked. I began to build crystals sets using tuning capacitors instead of sliders on coils wound on oatmeal boxes. When I became a student at Stuyvesant High School in New York City, I became a member of the Radio Club. The club station operated with the call, W2CLE. I graduated from Stuyvesant in January of 1935 and got my Amateur License at that time. Home brewing was the order of the day and I wound up on Forty CW with a two tube receiver and a pair of 71a's in pushpull TNT. Went thru several rigs and along came Marriage and World War Two. Landed in the Signal Corp, spent a lot of time in Signal School, went to Europe in a Motor Messenger Company and never saw a radio again. These days, besides the Radios and Computers, I spend time at a Senior Center doing Woodworking. Take a look at my woodworking pages to see some childrens toys.

Take me to those children's toys!

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