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Welcome to Our New faster Graphic/Text Home page is a better format for your Personal or Professional browsing . Our general page, like all others is constantly undergoing radical innovations, and updates.

We have been on this trip, for the last 16years, yet maintain a non-professional looking site. Why, well, the others all look the same, it's so difficult to be original these days. Combined with the with all the easy access privacy piracy activities, it's a wonder anybody has an individual ID anymore!

As for my position, in the Photo related world, I would consider myself, as an Employer for Hire , but we dabble in various other
stuff as well, like human resources for resourceful people.

I can accommodate the operating conditions which your Company may or may not directly require from myself and associates.

If you have any
specific requirements that need to be particularly addressed, and aren't certain if they can be fulfilled from your standpoint at this page, please feel free to e-air this concern via E-Mail .

Your requests and concerns will be authored to our fullest capacities with a satisfactory, prompt, and conclusive reply!

As you might have already concluded, we are not too specialized yet, but are expandable to other contingency plans, and may be an asset to your specific endeavors, in the world of interesting investments.

Though I am
primarily supporting a FanZine FotoNovel project at this point,... a Native Arts addition linked to yahoo.com, and an awesome internal native arts web; will soon be provided! Since I am not native, I will have to rely on my associates to obtain a grant with their ' Red Card ' power and enthusiasm.


This Cover Letter is My General Foto Venture!
Personal "Resume" References, Type Information!
NoCrime, Antiviolence, HandGun Criminology!
Add U'r Own Personal Site to my Free Link-ups!
A Quick Brief Fantalla FotoNovel Prospectus!
Main Detailed FotoNovel Prospectus Proposal!
Conspiracy, GunRights, Freedom, Gov't, UFO!
Mostly Honda and M/C Scooters with Links!
Web Purchasings & Tenant-Landlord Disputes
Anim-Pix of all the Triad Members to date!
Misc. FotoSites/Studies and Stock Photos!
Thumbnail in-Camera Photo F/X Experiments!
Prospective Artist Proposal for Natives, Others!
Philosophy of H/P/V/A/C /Warez/Serials!
Police Harassment Statistics from multi sources!

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Wav: Brief Anti Conspiracy Msg. UFO Types!
Wav: Paranormal Mesg. and Gen. City Plans!
Wav: C-68 Audio Mesg. of a Really Bad Law!
Wav: Current Law Msg. of My C-17 Dilemnas!

*Get RealNetwork Player for RM Audio Formats*

RM: Aggravated Police EnPowerment Issues!
RM: Gov't Law, Human Rights, Freedoms!
RM: Law Hoaxes, GunGov't, Legal Tricks!

Keeping in mind that some LynX Browsers must otherwise email to my Direct eMail address for contact, till LynX lifts the shield on some existing Lynx browser systems!
Alternately you can initiate the
ScreenComm ring codes.


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