"It is only by the exercise of reasoning, that man can discover God."
Thomas Paine

"If all the religions of the world were in harmony with each other there would have been one religion but since they all oppose each other there is one true religion."


When you are of the firm opinion that religion must protect us instead of us protecting it, you are indeed ready to join me in this marvelous, exciting and most thought-provoking journey in...


Keeping in mind all theories or facts, theological and/or scientific, must be in harmony with ....

How can it be that difficult to
reason out of nothing, nothing can come; nothing can be made without a maker; neither can knowledge be acquired without a teacher nor incest (Cain's wife, his sister) the origin of human population? And is it not an injustice to change the rule (mode of worship) during the game (of human creation)?

Water Drip

and science....
"Science without religion is lame - after religious teachers accomplish the refining process indicated they will surely recognize with joy that true religion has been ennobled and made more profound by
scientific knowledge - religion without science is blind." Einstein [the 6,000-year creation and a stationary flat-earth theories are all highly erroneous]

and both confirming to natural laws.
The dripping tap is significant of the decadence of universal righteousness from its (first) age of pristine purity. The constant reviling and rejection of the one true religion has now reduced it to a mere trickle, humbly bowing to the dictates of
natural laws, where all things created (finite) must decay or die - as progression is always downward. What is, was, and will be - the resurrection of the dead, virgin birth and other miracles and myths, the rapture, and the promises of eternal heaven on earth (earth without end) and paradise of virgins, rivers of milk, wine and honey, have all found themselves in violation of these laws. Eternal means "without beginning or ending". To put it bluntly, whatever has a beginning, has an end (decay, die or dissolve), and most important, finite actions of the soul, virtuous or sinful, cannot reap eternal rewards or punishment!

How urgent is this search, for the human soul?
"The sin of worshipping a false God is equal to the commission of a thousand crimes."

"Philosophy and reason will remain the most beautiful sanctuary they have always been for the select few."Einstein

When only a "select few" enjoy sanctuary from boredom, the worst daily discomfort facing humankind, what is obvious for the rest?

"Retirement is a death sentence." Merv Griffin

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