Finally Home

Its a funny thing, trying to be discharged from the NICU.... You can never get a doc to give you a definate answer but then I guess that is just in case something happens and they have to keep your baby. Whatever the reason is there is nothing you can say to a parent to make it easier. So we heard for four days that we might, maybe, hey it could happen, go home on thursday...but I never really planned on it. Wednesday morning they had everything set up for us to 'room in' with the twins. Rooming in is a terrible process by which you are suppose to take complete control of caring for your had I not been there 'all day, everyday, forever' (as Dr Halpern said) then it would have been very benefical, but it turned out to just be a horrible no sleep night for both of us. However we agreed to do it because Miranda was coming home on oxygen and an apnea just how bad could it be right? We were stuck actually 'rooming in' in the unit. Normally you get a room in the labor & delivery unit but they were so full that other arrangements had to be made. So they crammed a full sized crib, a normal sized bassinette (like in the newborn nursery) and two folding cots into one of the isolation rooms. To say it was cramped would be a gross understatement...but like I said we didn't get much sleep anyway :) Marty came up in time for a late dinner (all our meals were delivered...ummmm hospital food!) He actually got some sleep, but I kept waking up everytime one of the kids made any sound. I was scared that I wouldn't get their bottles ready in time....I've since learned that a little crying while the bottles warm isn't the end of the world. So the next morning at 6am the X-Ray tech was there along with the lab lady and the sleep for the weary I guess.
Having not really counted on going home I hadn't packed anything nor had I cleaned my room at the Ronald McDonald House so we were off to get that done. When we got back to the NICU we joked that we had enough room to pack the rest of the twins' belongings (lordy did they have a lot of stuff!) but we'd have to come back for the twins themselves! This truly was not an understatement...we did end up leaving a few things with one of the nurses. So in comes Dr Halpern (the neonatologist doing rounds that week) and guess what?!?!? we are truly going home!!!! With an hour we had been released.....of course being infants they were not ready to go...but we were out of the unit by 2pm Oct 22nd!!!!!!!! We had finally been DISCHARGED!!! I remember feeling like it was just a joke...that we would get all the way out to the car and the nurses would say "just kidding...give them back" or that someone would run after us and take our babies back into the hospital. But no one ever this day we still have them home with us :)
I still remember how wonderful it felt to lie on our king sized bed with my babies next to me......I pray that I never forget that feeling. Ya know we spent 11 weeks and 1 day in the NICU...78 days of our lives in another town, seperated from my husband and my eldest daughter....watching my babies fight for their lives....I guess that really changes a person. From the very beginning our neo's told us 'on average babies are discharged 2 weeks before their due dates'...well color us average because Miranda and Benjmain were just over 38 weeks gestation when we went home. I guess its funny really....from the beginning of our pregnancy we referred to the WonderTwins as our 'Million Dollar Babies'....we had no idea just how close to truth that would be.....
Since we were truly truly home we finally ordered up our birth announcements
Kinsey came home from Oregon the next day. She was quite happy to be home as well. I was estatic to have all three of my children home

Watch us grow!
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