Welcome to my
on the web, formerly AmyAnn's Hidaway.
Well AmyAnn moved to another site, but instead of giving up her site here at
Heartland Point I took it over.
My name is AnnH.

Want to find AmyAnn's Hideaway go here:

At the moment I am in the process of moving into my web Sanctuary so please be patient.  This is just sooooo exciting!

Well, you know my name, but I would like to tell you a bit about me - might give you an idea of what you will find here when I get all moved in.  I have a degree in Interior Design, but I am not currently in the field ;-(.  Don't know that I will really ever be, but I still love to design homes.  I also am interested in China Painting.  Am a member of a wonderful mailing list which deals with China Painting.  Am thinking about starting a web business, if I can find good, non-intrusive methods of getting people to come to it ;-).  Kind of a gift shop on the web.  Some items will be comercial, but others will be hand crafted, one of a kind sort of thing.  Anyway I am researching it at the moment...  Also I would like to offer web graphics.  I love both photography and art, so will be working in that area as well.

I hope to pick up an area which AmyAnn said she hadn't had time to deal with:

The Web ZoneWeb Zone,  if you are interested in creating your own web page, I hope to include some tips and helpful web sites I have found while web designing. 

What else will you find here?

I hope to include some areas of interest to me - design, furniture, gardening.  I will try to add some linkes asap for these topics.  I don't have a whole lot of time to devote to this page, but will be adding things as I can.

Well some Geocities Web Rings (if you've never tried one they are a real neat way to surf the Geocities or the Heartland community!).

Thanks for your interest and hope you drop in for another visit soon!

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