Our son, D.J., will be starting K3 this year! I'm very excited -- this will be our first year of homeschooling. So, watch for this page to grow as I find good resources for preschoolers and their parents.


For our first week of school, we learned about the letter "A". Mommy and D.J. traced the capital and lowercase letters together. We did a project where we took some old magazines and cut out all the large "A" and "a" letters we could find. We glued them to the paper where we had written our letters. We also found two pictures of angels in the magazines, and glued them to our paper as well. We ate an apple for a snack one day, too.

We also learned about the color "red". Come back soon and we'll tell you more about what we did!

Italicized text indicates my own suggestions.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Start this lesson off by reading the story, of course! Then, give the
children some modeling clay, molding tools, and a board to work on.
Encourage them to make their own porridge bowl(s). You could set up a
teddy bear banquet -- have each child bring in their favorite bear and
sit the bear in front of that child's bowl!

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Andrew's Early Education at Home
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