Hi! I'm Mary C., a retired Heartland Community Leader! The reason I became a "CL" was to be a help to other Heartland residents. It was a rewarding experience.

You can contact me via email!

Below you'll find helpful links for GeoCitizens, particularly Heartlanders! I was assigned to Heartland/Park/9500 - Heartland/Park/9999.

I truly enjoy being a GeoCitizen. I hope you do, too.

For Heartland Only

Heartland and Other Site Awards
Heartland Genealogy Society*
Heartland Headquarters
Heartland Home Front
(formerly "Heartland Hearth" and "Craft Corner")
Heartland Partners in Prayer*
Heartland Ring
Heartland University

* Now accepting members from all across GeoCities!

For All GeoCitizens

Banner Help
Become a Featured Page
GeoCities Cool Homestead of the Day
Geo Link Buttons
Hazel's GeoCities Icons
The "Home Page" Home Page
Home Page Resources
Make Money with Your GeoCities Home Page

The Official GeoKidz Club

Quick Start Guide

Using GeoCities Forms


This Ladies of Geocities site is owned and operated by Mary. A very talented lady at Geocities!

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I'm So Proud To Live In Heartland!

My name is Mary and my site
CL Help Page is a
Proud To Be Heartland.

-Heartland, The Heart of Geocities -

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