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Greetings!! Yeah, I bet you're surprised to see a little bit of a difference here. Well, the reason you're seeing an update is 'cause I'm finally ready to start redirecting traffic to my new site.

The Stone Table Version 5.0

Please visit and sign my guestbook. I'd like to see what you think of my new design.

Welcome to The Stone Table! I'm glad that you decided to visit my humble abode. I hope that after you have sampled what my site is composed of, that you will sign my guestbook and let me know you were here.

If you are interested in learning about my site and what my goals for it are, read this page.

Try Jesus
If you don't have any inkling about what I'm talking about on here, please click and learn about Jesus. He Loves You!

About JC
Want to find out more about the webmaster of this site? Well, come in and read more about me and my love for Jesus.

Christian Stories and Articles
I have put together a collection of uplifting stories and articles. I hope that these will uplift and bring you closer to God.

The Fun Pages
Have a fun time reading and laughing at all the jokes.

The Prayer Room
One of the most important parts of this site, the prayer room is a place to come and post on the prayer board and be prayed for. I'm also occaisionally putting prayer related writings on.

My England Trip
In October of 1998, I was blessed to spend six weeks in England. I have a few pictures and stories about it up, but at the moment it's not available. I'm working on updating it.

The Webring Pages 1 2 3 4
This site is part of many webrings. I encourage you to explore them when you're done looking at my site.

Great Links
This is a compilation of sites that I have visited and consider pretty good. Again, when you're done with looking at my site, consider visiting these many sites.

Sign and View my Guestbook
I would greatly apprieciate it, when you leave my site, if you would take the time to leave me a note. I love seeing who has visited my site. So, I thank you in advance for your kindness.

Contact Me
If you find any broken links or anything else wrong with my site, or you have a need to talk to someone, please email me and I'll help anyway I can.

This banner is on here, because Geocities gave me a choice between a pop-up window and this, and I decided that this was the least annoying. So just ignore it.

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