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~*~* Note ~*~* This site has undergone a massive overhaul, a desperately needed update and has a new address too !!

You can read all about each of my surrogacy journeys and find out more about how they came to be the new website

For now, this site, the old one, will remain activated because there are several things here that have not been moved to the new site but are still a source of help for those looking into surrogacy. Please feel free to browse around both sites and to sign the guestbook or drop me an email at Id love to hear from you !!


Surrogacy is a VERY important issue to me and I am always available to answer questions, provide information and/or support, offer my advice and/or suggestions or just be here to listen if you need me too. If you have ANY questions at all please don't be afraid to ask. I think you will find that I am an easy person to talk to and I truly will help in any way that I can.


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but they should be up and running soon. I appreciate your patience.

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