Personal Stuff about us:

I am a displaced frenchman wanting to go home.
On my dads side of the family they came from
Nova Scotia and my mothers side from New Foundland.
Linda and I live in northern Wisconsin. This is through no choice of our own. We have been trying to get out of here for over three years. We have a place picked out to where we want to move. We want to move down to Louisiana, someplace around Shreveport. Not in Shreveport but within 25 miles of this great city. We have no kids at home anymore, so we are able to do as we both please.

Why We Want to Leave Wisconsin:

For starters it is just to darn cold up here. We live only 55 miles from Lake Superior. Neither Linda or I like the snow. It has been many years that either of us has been on snow skiis or on a snowmobile. Being that I froze my hands pretty bad about 4 years ago I can not stand the temperature to get down below freezing. So that leaves out ice fishing, which I used to really enjoy.

Being fishing is rather important to both of us we will be able to do quite abit of it down in Louisiana. Between Louisiana and Texas there is enough fishing to make both of us happy. We have already spent time on Caddo Lake and really love it. This is a very mystical lake and has many legends that we would love to explore. The lake is beautiful with all of the bald cypress with spanish moss growing right out into the water. On the west end of the lake you can get lost in the cypress trees. This is one of the most excellant places to fish. You can go for hours without even seeing another soul, unless it would be a canoe slithering ever so quite through the cypress and spanish moss hanging into the water.

Updated May 24,2000 ` We have FINALLY made it to LOUISIANA

We left  Wisconsin on April 21 to make a journey south.  We drove rather slow so that we could take in some of the sights on the way down here.  We had no place that we had to be right away, so it took us around 4 days to get here.  Being that we have an RV we were able to spend the nights in it, instead of having to pay for a motel along the way.  We would pull into a truck stop in the later part of the afternoon and stay there for the night.  This is fine except, don't pull next to a refrigerator truck as they will keep you up all night long with the compressors going on.

The first few nights we stayed in an RV park just north of Shreveport.  We then rented a mobile home south of Doyline right on Lake Bistineau.  This is where we are at right now.  It is so nice to wake up in the morning and see the water out our windows, with the bald cypress trees spring up around the bay with the Spanish moss doing it little dance to and fro.  We have been out and caught a few brim.  We were lucky enough to have room for our canoe which works just fine on this kind of lake. 

Linda will go back to Wisconsin in the later part of June or in July to bring our Crestliner boat down here.  Then we will be able to explore the 17,000 plus acres of this fantastic lake.  They talk about Wisconsin being a party place, well this place does not have to take a back seat to anyone or any place.

As soon as I can I will put up some pictures here for all to see.  Don't yawn, and say Oh, no more pictures.  That is what putting up a personal page is all about.   Doing what we want.  Even if it is only interesting to us.  In the coming weeks I will try and update more of this site, so bear with me.  So long for now and I hope that ya'll will please sign our guestbook as I enjoy reading what other people have to say.

Your Friends,

Dick and Linda




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