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Welcome to our newly designed site. 

We wish to express our regret  to Jabar Arabians for using one of their graphics on our previous site. It was our understanding that the graphic belonged to one of our members. We also wish to thank them for their understanding and extend our thanks to for their efforts in contacting us.

TLC began as a simultaneous response to needs throughout the area, through the idea of one individual, a club was formed to help introduce equine study as a basis for a better all around education. In order to meet these needs, TLC was formed to bring together and girls along with parents in hopes of establishing a unique equine club. 


TLC, attempt's to fulfill many goals and aims for their members, including the following. 1. To provide an opportunity for young people to develop mentally, emotionally, and socially through the association with others, 2. To develop responsibility, initiative, cooperation, and other characteristics in young people which promote better citizenship, 3. To provide an opportunity for young people and adults to associate with one another in a meaningful way. 4. To foster and promote the ability to express one's thoughts and feelings. 5. To gain a deeper appreciation and increased knowledge of the horse, 6. To foster a greater interest in future education and its benefits, 7. To expose young people to real life and 8. To develop abilities in leadership and decision making and to build one's self confidence. 


1. To develop pride and responsibility associated with owning animals, 2. To develop an understanding of horse management practices and horse handling skills. 3. To be able to identify the parts of the horse, 4. To recognize unsoundness of the horse, 5. To identify diseases and parasites that the horse is susceptible to, 6. to develop skills, patience, and understanding in handling horses, 7. To increase knowledge of safety precautions for the horse and its owner, and 8. To feed a horse a balanced diet. As TLC, places a great deal of emphasis on horses and the proper treatment of them, it is an accepted practice that members have a horse when they join the club. 


TLC Equestrian Club members perform various forms of fundraising, including selling used tack, building a sponsor booklet of Ad's, shows on horseback, calendar sales, etc. etc. The TLC Club meets the second and forth Sunday of every month. 

Contact: Alexandra: 

TLC Equestrian Club C/O                                            Hyatti Equine Training Center               P.O. Box 71 Fowlerville, MI 48836 



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