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Click here to check out some cool dolls I did of some Quest for Glory characters!


Are you sitting there wondering what all this is about? If so, you need to play the Quest for Glory games, like now! I mean it! Don't even bother to turn off the computer; just go right out to the nearest software store and buy the anthology, and get playing! Or, if you live somewhere without a software store, you can order the Anthology at Sierra On-line's Web page, but I'm not sure where all they deliver outside the US. <shrug> I'd offer to sell it to you through Associates, but all they had were a couple of strategy guides. (Want 'em? Click here!)


Want to read a poem about another cool Sierra game called Shivers? If so, click here, bitte! :) 


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If you've got an enabled MIDI plug-in, then you're listening to the Hero's March, the main theme of the Quest for Glory series, composed by Mark Seibert, and arranged by Tom Lewandowski of Quest Studios, a site with tons and tons and tons of really great Sierra MIDIs and MP3s! Check it out! (I promise, you won't be sorry you did.)

Images copyright Sierra On-line.....

However, I made this GeoLogo, and you're free to use it on your own Geocities QFG pages if you want. (The rest of the graphics here, I'd rather were not borrowed. All the images were manipulated by me.)
Want to get to the Blood Altar in QFG4 as a thief and don't know where to jump? Click here! (Big spoiler, though, and big picture, too.)














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