You cannot judge a book by its cover. Not all women bikers have chosen to live Hell's Angel lifestyles. I ride motorcycles, but I am also a web-published poetry contest finalist, a published author, a Member of Phenomenal
Women of the Web®, one of the "Top 100 Women Webmasters,"® a Graphic Artist by trade, and definitely a Survivor. Looking for Which-E-Woman Graphics?
In my spare time, I design web pages for Data Visuals, LLC. My interests are all things paranormal, motorcycles, Jungian Psychology, Nature, poetry, oriental art, and graphic arts.

Mouseover the interface and it will allow you to view pictures of me and my friends on my "Home Page", find great information "Links" for women motorcyclists, read/send my poetry and "Writings," find out "About" my web page creations, view a "Gallery" of my graphics, find out about my family "Interests," learn which Web-"Rings" I belong to, view my website and writing "Awards," "E-mail" me, and most of all sign my "Guestbook."

If you really want to learn to ride, contact a Motorcycle Rider Association for a course offered nearest you which is aponsored by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Please Ride Sober! Please, by all means, ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY!

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If you've seen my web designs and are interested in them,
I must let you know that I don't do standard, ordinary sites, and use NO FLASH!.
I prefer to do only those sites which specifically require the reflected personality of
the person/company. I essentially like to do web "presences," not wiz-bang selling machines.

Click the icon to be taken to one of my web designs,
or you can contact me at

Which-E-Woman Graphics by Pat Thompson

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