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Barry's Pedigree

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NEW! List of Well Known Longcoat Carriers!
NEW! List of GSDs that Carry Blue &/or Liver AND the White Recessive Gene

I am actively researching color and pattern genetics and pedigrees and photos of GSDs of ANY color or pattern, plus any known information on colors & patterns of parents, ancestors, siblings, or progeny of the indivudal dog whose pedigree and photo are submitted, will be VERY useful in achieving greater understanding of colors, patterns, and their variations in the German Shepherd Dog.

If you have a German Shepherd dog of unusual coloration or pattern that you would like to see added to the information database on this site, please submit photos and pedigree via snail mail to:

Sahiela GSD Color Genetics Database
1006 Independence Dr E
Elwood, IN. 46036

Data may also be emailed to

Pedigrees will be posted UNLESS accompanied by a written request for confidentiality.

Pictures of Clovis
Pictures of Barry

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This site is being moved to Sahiela German Shepherd Dogs as well as being recommended for inclusion on the Internet Archive, due to the impending closure of Geocities.
Future plans include bringing all my separate GSD topic sites together into ONE centralized website & database. (If or when this is accomplished, the present Angelfire sites will remain online unless Angelfire closes down, and links to the new centralized site will be added to the front pages of the Angelfire sites.) I am presently researching webhosts to determine webhosts that have the most to offer for the best price, that also have good track records and recommendations from independent sources.

German Shepherd Pedigree Website
Collection of German Shepherd Dog Pedigrees, from the beginning to the present, including bloodlines worldwide. The largest collection of American GSD pedigrees on the web (many including pictures.) More pictures and pedigrees being added all the time.

Historical German Shepherd Dog Photo and Pedigree Gallery

White German Shepherd Dogs
This site not only contains information on the white gene, but pedigrees of white dogs out of well known colored German Shepherd Dogs and bloodlines. Pictures of well known white carriers and other data on white dogs and dogs that carry the white gene, are included at this site.

Sahiela German Shepherd Dogs
This is the page for detailed information, photos, pedigrees, and history of my own dogs. Originally my own dogs were at the Geocities site until the growth of the coat and color genetics database led me to devote this entire site to the genetics research and move my own dogs to their own site. Due to circumstances, I am not actively breeding at this time, although my research on the breed continues. At this site, you will find information on our dogs, including studs, brood bitches, puppies, older pups and young adults, links to other breeders who have my dogs and lines, and a historical showcase of our foundation lines and animals. Also on this site are informative articles and a breeding-whelping date calendar.

German Shepherd Dogs & Friends Online Jigsaw Puzzle Collection! Click on the link below for the puzzles, click on your puzzle choice, and then click on "shapes" to select the size and shape of puzzle pieces you desire. Have Fun!
GSD & Friends Puzzles

The above links have been updated and are definitely working links.

In the works is a new Health & Genetics site with information on issues such as Hemophilia A, achalasia, and more! UPDATE-this now is intended to be included as a new section in the upcoming centralized site.

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Below are links which haven't been updated in awhile, and I'm not sure if they still work.

Lynn,Reinmiller Kennels
This is a link to the kennels of my friend who started this site for me before I was lucky enough to have internet access. Drop by there and visit, she is much more advanced at beautiful website design than I am yet:)

GSD Dwarfism Website
GSD Perianal Fistula Website
Micah's Last Call Memorial PageYour contribution may help German Shepherd Dogs live longer, healthier lives.

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Description of the GSD genetics group
This group was formed in response to an overwhelming need to create an alternate group that replaces the original GSDGenetics group. This group will allow no flaming, bashing, or slamming of anyone, for any reason, and will be closely monitored by moderators who are unbiased. Feel free to join and discuss the genetics of the German Shepherd Dog breed without fear of repercussions because you prefer any particular color of GSD. All are welcome to come ask questions and share knowledge. The only "stupid" questions in this group will be those that go unasked.
The GSD genetics group has been an active, thriving community for years now. It originally began as a Onelist group, which should give you a clue as to just how long this group has been in existence! Thanks to all members who keep the group growing, thriving, and well fed with interesting discussions, and who generously share their genetic data, photos, and pedigree information! The list is the high quality active informative list it is today, because of each and every member's contributions to it!

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