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Pictures of our Dane Updated!!
Pictures of our Pomeranian Updated!!

Hello and welcome to our web page. I would like to introduce you to the "Odd Couple". We have been owned by Karma (Pom) since November 1997 and Triton (Dane) since February 1998. Feel free to look around at the snap shots and stories we have gathered for you.

Karma wanting Triton's stick
Karma trying to get Triton's stick.

Karma watching Triton sleep
Karma watching over Triton as he sleeps.

Karma & Triton
"What would you like for breakfast Triton?"

Our Mom & Dad
Here is our Mom & Dad all dressed up and ready for us to coat them in doggie fur!

Thanks for visiting, please check out our individual pictures.

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As of July 11, 1999 we are proud to be members of the Pomeranian Club of Central Indiana


As of June 21, 1999 we are proud to be members of the Indiana Great Dane Club

Our very first award from SuSue and the Poms.

Cool Pooch Award

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