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Well I've added a few more bits and pieces over the last couple of days, a couple of articles, a picture of potential US targets, some nuclear explosion videos(at last). I'm planning to get some more stuff up soon so bear with me. Anyone think I should set up a mailing list so I can let you know when there are updates to the site.

John 17-5-1999

Well I've not done as much as I hoped over the last couple of weeks due to a situation at work but hopefully I can get everything I want done now over the next couple of weeks(dont quote me on that). If nothing else I promise to get a link page up with links to atomic/nuclear and survival sites.

I've added a new nuclear explosion picture page which I hope you like. I'm researching details about the psychological effects of nuclear war and also on nuclear terrorism. I have a couple more articles to put up but unfortunitly I've run out of space here on Geocities so I will have to have a long thing about how I can get them up here. Any ideas would be welcome.

John 1-4-1999

Well over the next coming weeks there will be a large upgrade done to the site with new articles,features and a general tidy up of the files already here.

Thanks for all the email everyone but unfortunitly my email provider( seems to be having problems so I've switched over to hotmail and that seems to be a lot better.
If you have sent me any email and you havnt received a reply than please re-send it to me at my new address below, as the chances are I missed it (I lost all my christmas mail).
John 11-1-1999

This site is a collection of all the Nuclear related information I could find on the net. I wanted to gather all this information together to make it easier for people looking for both survival/research purposes. This information is provided as is and I'm in no way responsible for it's accuracy etc. If there is an article/download that I should have gotten permission for and didnt then please let me know and I'll get the permission or remove the file.

I hope that you find something of value here, and if you know of any other info I've missed or info that is new then please drop me a mail with the info or the URL to the info.


Nuclear Blast Information

Nuclear war effects
Nuclear Blast Information A
Nuclear Blast Information B
More Nuclear Blast Information

Emp Information

EMP Information A
EMP Information B
New(ish)EMP Information B

Radiation / Fallout Information

Fallout Information
Radiation Doses
Radiation damage
Radiation Exposure
Homemade Radiation Detector (Download)
Radiation Detectors

Nuclear Explosion Pictures

nuclear explosion picture page
Us targets

Nuclear Explosion videos

Explosion video 1
Explosion video 2
Explosion video 3
Explosion video 4
Explosion video 5

Nuclear Shelter Information

Shelter Information
Nuclear Shelter Plans A (Download)
Nuclear Shelter Plans B (Download)
Nuclear Shelter Plans C (Download)
Nuclear Shelter Plans D (Download)
Nuclear Shelter Plans E (Download)
Above Ground Blast Shelter (Download)
below Ground Blast Shelter (Download)
Blast Shelter Plans (Download)
Increasing Blast Resistance in Buildings

Misc Information

Nuclear Powerplant Emergencies
Glossary of terms
List of US nukes


Bomb Simulator
Nuclear Survival Skills (Excellent)

E-mail me at in the meantime.
Please come back soon and visit me.

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