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Sadly, this will be my last post. I am now working at I decided to work there due to the lack of popularity my site had, and school will be starting again soon, and I won't have as much time to work on the site, and has other webmasters so I won't be required to do all the work, it's partially done anyway. I encourage you to go there. I start updaating in a few days. In a week or so, I will turn this page and it's contents into an archive, the main page will prompt you to go to or what has been completed on this page, which will be all that you see here now. I hope you enjoy the game, it's released date was supposed to be August 15th but it is possible that it will now be August 2nd, although that may be a rumor. Don't forget to look for me as "~Kinuvan~" on
Former webmaster of the chrono cross temple, ~Kinuavn~.

Chrono Cross, the much awaited sequel to Squaresoft's Chrono Trigger: Although the story-line has been completely changed, it still promises to be one of Squaresoft's greatest games. The U.S release date so far is August 2000, I will keep you updated if that changes. In the mean time, enjoy this site! Please fell free to e-mail me at " with any questions or comments.

Sorry... I haven't had much time to make updates. I will try to get the site almost fully functional before I get the game. When I do get the game, I will keep you updated on my progress and any new things I find in the game. If you really want updates about the game, bug me by e-mailing me. Well... see ya!

Amazing.... Amazing.... I got the screenshots link up in one night, without anyone asking me to! Uh-oh.. I feel dizzy... anyways, enjoy the screenshots... if you have nay problems with them or find any broken links, e-mail me ""



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