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Bert Calvin "Guitar-Man" Jones

June 30, 1956 to September 14, 1994

...although you now walk with God, you are still in our memories and our are missed by your family and family of friends...your spirit will dwell in our dreams, until we meet again.

Bert Jones was the owner and chief sound engineer of Crystal Recording Studio in Branson, Missouri...and was highly respected among his peers in the Country Music industry there. Though he was friends with many famous people like the Osmond Brothers, Freddie Hart, Rex Allen Jr., the band "Head East", and countless other celebrities, he was just as devoted to his friends whose names you wouldn't know. All persons were truly equal in his eyes, from the odd little characters nobody else accepted that he eagerly took under his wing, to the biggest of Superstars. They would have all been included at the table if he were to have a banquet, with no regard for preferential seating based on social status. He was a man that I am proud to declare as my brother....he was also adored by his family as a loving son, husband, father and grandfather. Sadly, his mortal body was taken from us in a tragic drowning accident at Table Rock Lake on September 14, 1994....but we have no doubt that his spirit lives on, and that he continues to watch over us from God's mansion above, where we hope to be reunited again one sweet day....amen!

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This site is dedicated to the memory of Bert Calvin Jones, and all other loved ones who are now gone from this world, but not forgotten...


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Remember, pets are our friends and loved ones too......please take a moment to visit this memorial site to experience a loving tribute to our furry and feathered friends.

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