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Tetsuo Shima for President 2004!

"Because it's not like you really have a choice."

Welcome to the official homepage for the Akiracratic Party ticket! Tired of partisan bickering? Crave a really strong leader with impressive mental talents? Don't think enough is being done about the caretaker robots and intrusive foreign peace forces? Got a bit of a taste for the ol' ultraviolence? Tetsuo Shima just may be the candidate for you! If you don't know who Tetsuo or Akira are, go watch the Akira movie or read the Akira manga and come back.

Fun Fact: Apparently, Tetsuo says the word "yo" a whole lot.

Choose your poison:
Why Tetsuo should be president
Who are the Akiracrats?
Opinions from the homefront
Q&A with the presidential hopeful
What Would Tetsuo Do?
Hey Kids!
Sore Losers
Keyword referrals
Tetsuo's Bitchin' Links

Hey, chemistry students! Can you name this molecule?

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