A Loop around the United Kingdom and Ireland

Hi! I'm Jeff.
Thanks for finding my journals. This one is about a trip I made just before Labor Day 1999. It was a quick, last minute kind of thing where all the right parts happened to come together at the right time. It actually turned out to be a phenomenal experience. The only things that were actually planned and reserved were the ferries to and from England . Everything else was dealt with as it happened. Life is like that sometimes. The best things seem to come from spontaneity, and the ability to deal with whatever the day brings.
This "Loop" starts in Germany, crosses France, to England, then Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, back to Scotland, then the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and home. All in six days of riding. It moves fast, so hang on. Hope you enjoy it.

Prelude: Carpe Diem

Chapter One: Opportunity Knocks

Chapter Two: Normandy Awaits

Chapter Three: The Journal Begins

Chapter Four: The Great CYMRU Hunt

Chapter Five: Meeting Friends

Chapter Six: Irish Ferries and Celtic Hospitality

Chapter Seven: Ireland by Pig-headed Determination

Chapter Eight: The Heathered Hills of Scotland

Chapter Nine: Hadrian's Wall

Chapter Ten: The Long Run Home

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