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My real BMWs
and a little background on me

Riding the Dalton Highway to Prudhoe Bay:
A North Haul Road Primer

August 2004

My First Trip Journal:
Nova Scotia and Newfoundland

May 1998

"Just Call Me Maxwell"
Switzerland and Alps Passes

May 1999

Riding the Trans-Labrador Highway
Quebec, Labrador and Newfoundland

August 2005

A Mad Dash Around the British Isles:
England, Wales, Scotland
and Ireland

Sept 1999

Adventure Touring in the Balkans:
Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary
Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, and the Alps

June 2000

A Loop Around the Baltic Sea:
Scandinavia, Russia, the Baltic States and Poland

Grand Prize Winner in the 2001 BMW Motorcycles Great Rides Competition!

July 2000

Morocco Bound:
A Solo Motorcycle Journey
from Germany
to North Africa

Sept 2002

BMWMOA's Global Touring Page
Advice and Information on
Shipping, Insuring, Renting
Organized Tours or Solo

May 2001

European Motorcycle Travel Tips
Licenses, Insurance, Borders
Fuel, Currency, Safety
Lots of good advice

May 2001

Ride For Kids Events
Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation
of the US
Want to make a difference?

May 2001

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