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Some background on my motorcycle habit

I've been riding for around 17 years, but only found out about BMW motorcycles and rallying in 1990. Met my mentor and best riding buddy Jed Kanter that year at the Surf and Sand Rally in Norfolk. Since then we've put a lot of miles on our bikes. He and Joyce are pictured here with Teresa and I at last year's Square Root Rally in Maryland.
Jed, Joyce, Jeff and Teresa

I'm planning a couple of trips in the next year. The first is next month. Jed and I are going to ride through the Atlantic Provinces of Canada in May ('98), right after the "Down East" rally. Our destination is the Cabot Trail, but we may just have to go to Newfoundland too. In two summers (2000) he and I are going to ride from Germany through Norway to the Arctic Circle and back home via Russia and the Baltic States. Exact route is unknown at this time due to visa requirements in Russia. (For some reason the Russians don't make it easy to get a visa just to drive through in a couple of days.) We want to swing down through Sweden and Finland, to St. Petersburg, then out through the three Baltic States, Poland, the Czech Republic, and then back into Germany. But we may just have to take a ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn, bypassing Russia. We'll see!

K1100RS Motorcycle

The first is the '96K1100RS that my lovely wife (then fiance') bought me last August. She was concerned about the safety of my "old" '84 K100. It was getting a bit long in the tooth, and I just couldn't SAFELY keep up with my buddies on their R1100RSs and their K1100s. Besides, it had seen me through 42 states and six foreign countries in the 131,000 miles we had together. It deserved a rest. Now I had an excuse to restore it to it's original glory! (see pictures of the restoration later). The K11 is perfect for me. It is a lovely "Arrest Me" Red. It has the power and smoothness that I love on long hauls. And if I slap an Aeroflow fairing on it, with a Corbin backrest, Teresa and I can knock out 400+ mile days two-up. When she's not with me (and the weather's nice) it's a sport bike. The best of both worlds!
The second is of my '66 R50/2. I bought it in Texas around 1987 for $800. Probably one of the best deals I've ever found. The paint is original, but it is so mechanically sound that I could ride it to California tomorrow if I wanted to. I know it would get me there. (Not very fast... but it would get there). Have you ever seen a bike that you could kick-start by hand? It wins a lot of bets with Harley riders.

R50/2 Motorcycle

K100 with Pichler Fairing
The third is of my '84 K100, with its full Pichler fairing. That picture is 12 years old. I need to update it. I bought it in Germany in the spring of 1985. It had 900 kilometers on the odometer. It is German specs. I'd be willing to bet that it is one of the oldest K-bikes in the US. I only know of one other K-bike in the US with a lower VIN than mine. It belonged to a fellow officer who brought his back from Germany too. The VIN is 0001887.

K100 in original splendor Since the acquisition of the K1100RS, she's been relegated to being the "Emergency Back-up Bike". But it's allowed me to take the time to restore her to her original glory. The Pichler fairing has come off, and she is now in her original silver/grey K100 splendor. I had the guys at Bob's BMW do the painting and it is absolutely beautiful!

Ride for Kids Info

Please remember the yearly (in September) Ride for Kids event in Columbia, Maryland. I was a volunteer on the task force to set up this motorcycle ride which benefits the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the U.S. This is a wonderful organizaton which raised over $1 million in 1998 to fund research into the cause and cure of pediatric brain tumors. Please check out the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation's Home Page at for more info on a Ride in your area. I also wrote an article about the Ride for Kids which you can find here.

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