This website is dedicated to Skye Sweetnam.  Skye is a new canadian singer! She writes/creates her own music, dances, designs clothes, plays guitar and directs her own short films! And get this, she is only 15!
   Her debut single is titled "Billy S.," and is the leadoff single from Mandy Moore's newest Movie "How to Deal," which is hitting theaters July 18th.
  Skye comes from the small town of Bolton, Toronto (Population 15,000).  Skye's songs are everything from Electronica to Pop-Punk! Her cd is to release sometime in 2003.
  On this website you will get to know Skye and get introducted to her blossoming musical career.
Please sign the guestbook and come back as much as you like!
For more info on Skye please visit this link
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