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Welcome to Model Railroading 101, an educational journey through the hobby of trains. Just like any other hobby that involves models, model railroading concerns itself with building scale representations of prototypes, or the real thing. But the intriguing part of this hobby is that it is not limited to static models. Unlike displays that are just to look at, building a train layout includes the opportunity to operate the models, transporting goods, products, or raw materials from one location to another, which is what the prototype does in its day-to-day business operations.

Another unique feature of model railroading, is that it is a shared hobby. On just about any weekend of the year, a train meet takes place. This is nothing more than an organized show, including sellers, clinics, and home layout tours. By attending these functions, one gets to see, hear, and learn about the many different techniques of the hobby, be it painting, decaling, wiring, and more. The more experienced modelers show what techniques were used on their models, describing the steps in detail, and allow the beginner to watch at the same time. It is also possible to have a "hands-on" chance to try themselves. One also gets the opportunity to visit home layouts to see the creative talents of others. This is usually an inspirational experience, as it urges the visitors to get more done on their own layouts. For beginners, it is a golden opportunity to see, do, and learn what the hobby is all about.

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The Sheboygan Society of Scale Model Railroad Engineers, Ltd. (SSSMRE. Ltd) is a not-for-profit, charitable, historical, technical, and educational, 501(c)3. organization. The intent of the Society is to promote interest in model railroading and to educate the general public about model railroading and the history of prototype railroads. We also promote the National Model Railroad Association and its activities. Membership is open to any individual subscribing to the purpose of the Society.

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