Welcome to my Dawson's Creek page.  This is probably my all-time favorite show on TV.  The cast is great, the writing's great, and the directing is great.  I've watched since episode one, and I will keep watcing until they take the show off the air!  Below is a link to each of my character pages.  Please keep in mind that I have a lot of pages to update, so they may not be exactly current.
Because I have so many D.C. pics, wallpapers, etc, I don't have room for them all.  So instead I will put up the ones I can and give you links to where I got the others.
The best place for D.C. wallpapers and e-cards is the main website.
The absolute best place for all your D.C. music is by far this site.  Not only do they have every song ever played on the show listed by episode and scene, but they also tell you what other eps the songs were in, and have the lyrics to every song on both soundtracks.  They also have links to most of the band's websites.  If you're like me and love the music of Dawsons's Creek, you should definitely check this out.
The only place I've been able to find that actually has a bio for each of the six main characters.  They also have a couple of cool screensavers.
Here is another great site for getting wallpapers
Here's some great Dawson's Creek trivia.
One of the biggest gallery of ep pics that I've found so far.
Potter B&B
Leerey's Fresh Fish
Grams' Place
The Whitters
McPhee Land
Creekers Central
Hello Boston
Photo Album
Goo Goo Dolls
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