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I have started this web page because I was trying to find out some information about pillboxes in the united kingdom from the second world war, and could not find much. So I hope it will be of some use to people who are interested.

I also have an interest in all world war defences i.e. the Atlantic Wall, the Maginot Line, Westwall, etc.

In 1940 after the invasion of France and evacuation of Dunkirk operation dynamo it became clear that Britain was unready for war and that an invasion was probably inevitable. In fact the invasion was planned and nearly put into action  in operation sea lion ( sealion map) by Hitler. Only the lack of air superiority ( battle of Britain), and later his plan to invade Russia stopped this.

The majority of pillboxes in the UK were put up hastily and are a tribute to the men that built them that they have lasted so long. The most common pillboxes are the hexagonal type 22 and 24. the type 22 Is the first type I saw when I was younger and my interest has just grown since. the pillboxes and other defences were to stretch in a stop line right up the country to Edinburgh this was called the GHQ STOP LINE  there were also numerous other stop lines throughout the country.


There is an image page which will eventually show different types of pillbox, as there is more variety than you would think. Even though pillboxes were built to a specification you still get different thickness of walls and building material to that specified.

If anyone has any information about pillboxes or pictures etc that they think may be helpful, you can send them to me tim.carter2@virgin.net and I will  put them on the site. I have also started an egroup for any one that is interested at http://www.egroups.com/group/pillboxes/.
suggestions on links and comments on how the site could be improved would be much appreciated.

As you can see the site is still under construction and hopefully in time will become a popular site, so that people can learn and hopefully preserve some of the things that we love, which are sadly, slowly disappearing as time goes on. 

after I started this web page I found out that there is a project started called the Defence of Britain project which is recording all the second world war Defences in Britain. well done every one involved with the project.

This site is dedicated to my dad, the best man I know.

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