Love is the key to Happiness

Having a sense of security is essential, but love is the key to happiness.

The things that interest us are a result of both our genes and our accumulated beliefs about reality (both nature & nurture). Fortunately, we have choices and can control what interests are pursued and acted on. Whilst many things we pursue do not harm the common good (e.g. the non-criminal pursuit of wealth), none are as rewarding as the pursuit of true love.

Although, many people have never experienced love as a child and don't know what it is, somewhere deep in everyone's psyche lies the ability to get a 'buzz' from love, and once you've experienced it, its pursuit can be a nice distraction from the mechanics of being merely "productive". A distraction that, when seen by others, gives them hope of a brighter future for the human race.

We are all essentially loving individuals and naturally sociable. However, through the misinterpretation of events around us, we take on incorrect beliefs that inhibit our ability to love ourselves and others. External forces can also influence us to believe in things that aren't true, through their dishonesty, lack of understanding, or their desire to control society for what they perceive to be the common good. These include the prevailing culture, role models, parents, religious leaders, governments, advertisers.

Through the information on this site I hope to;

  1. help people find happiness.
  2. expose love inhibiting beliefs regardless of their origin, as being incorrect.
  3. encourage honesty and the pursuit of goodness.
  4. encourage thinking and the questioning mind.
  5. replace superstition with science.
Not that I am perfect myself, or all-knowing; this site is a work in progress.

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