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Greetings. Welcome to the new site design. Hope you like. I felt the old one was too....pedestrian for my audience. This new design features a news section to keep you posted on events here at the lair, and it also doesn't require as much scrolling.


click on the image above to go to the latest news.


I updated the site with the new format. Hope it goes over well. A few days ago we got over 200 hits. Way to go.


The Tiger's Birthday!


Just for St. Patrick's Day, I've added a new section. Check it out here!


Hey whaddaya know! New section! It features my favorite band, the Newsboys. Check it out. I've got some kool downloads.


I've updated TigerI Newsboys. New background. Easier reading. You're welcome.


TigerI City Design now has two new downloads. Check 'em out! And I've re-added the feedback form. It wasn't working, so I got off my striped butt and fixed it. You're welcome.


Hey! Just added a new section. Go check it out. Those of you in the Ager crowd will understand this section. It's just off the ground, but I'm gonna work on it a lot. Also, If you hadn't noticed, the rolling banner at the top of the page wasn't working. But today I fixed it. Good for me. Thank you.


Yeah, I know I haven't been working on the AoM site, but I've been pretty busy. Got out of school on the 5th, but haven't been in the right mood for work lately. However, this being my sweet and dear mother's birthday, the TigerI City Design page has a new download. There's a story to this one. We went to the conservatory today and had a great walk through all the gardens. It was totally inspiring and I got a great idea! Why not build gardens in AoK? So I did. Details can be found within the zip file. Download it here.


Shoulda done this yesterday, but I was lazy. I have now uploaded my second garden chat room scenario for AoK:TC. Click here to go to the downloads page.


Man it's been a long time since I touched this page! Oh well that's life. But I'm proud to announce an addition to the links section. For those in the AoK crowd, this link takes you to my collection of modpacks for AoK:TC. For the rest of you, find out what that means and then you might want to check it out. For all of you, sup? So that's the news for today.

tiger wanna-bes have been here.

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