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A poem for an android

I'm a ghost;
the black wing of god
has touched me
like a sinfony
in the hours where
the midnight is flying.
I sleep quietly
and I can see
in that wing my own shadow
without any doubt,





Time to die

I look in the eyes of my death
what I see there is an ancient world crying
where millions of stars are burning and singing
an angels of fire are dancing with flowers,
I´m sitting above
a thousand million stars,and God out there
look inside of my eyes
like a serpent of gold
inside millions of fires.


The Runner

Such a beautiful bird
dancing so close to my hand
my little flying colour,
my little soul of Runner
my electric dreams
inside your heart, I'm burning.




The android

The fire is burnning out there
my heart is waiting the morning star
Certain perfumes of Autmn,
little green flowers growing.
The fire is burning out there
and I´m waiting the rain
as thouse perfumes are burning.






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