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The fallen angel's poems


your pain is my pain,
your hope is my hope
your dreams are the same
and your love
is my love,
your incredible blue eyes
are the expression of angels
walking trough all the skies
near your soul
made of  passion;
and my love
is your love,
my lovely child so sweet
sleep embraced by those angels
they will protect your dreams.



I know what you feel my friend,
the loss of someone
is loosing all the world.
I had my share of desert too
and all the crying I've done
didn't destroy the pain,
but I'm thinking of you baby,
try to forget those shadows of sorrow
think about love
about the birds flying
and think about her smiling
and dancing around
with the stars and the clouds.
And look at the sky
trying to see all future
of a new love inside
a new soul, rare and beautiful.