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Sunday, 25th of July a book of Poetry was launched in Fortaleza da Ponta da Bandeira. The name of the book is: "A Viagem nas Palavras".

It's the first poetry book of the Portuguese painter Maria Henriques with poetry in Portuguese and English.
The name of the poetry in English is "Love Nature".

This book is dedicated to the Starfish Foundation.

The Starfish Foundation was created by the Dutch actor Rutger Hauer and protects the children and mothers with AIDS virus.
The publisher of this book is Portuguese Publisher House "Parceria A.M. Pereira".

The exhibition of Maria Henriques (illustrations) is part of this event.

The City Hall of Lagos gave their support of this project. 
Dr. Antonia Maria Pereira was present as the representant of the Publishing House Parceria A. M. Pereira.also present was the representent of Lagos City Hall Dr. Jose Martins. 

Fernando Matos that made his first exhibition in this launching.
The autor of the poetry book,Maria Henriques,her son Emanuel Henriques Kemp and her daughter Ines Maria Henriques da Silva Dias were also present in this event.

There were delivered 50 books to Lagos City Hall plus thirthy books
to be sold at Lagos book fair.

The book"A Viagem nas Palavras-Love Nature(Poems for Starfish)" had the support of lagos City Hall.That support will be intirely dedicated to Rutger Hauer's Starfish Organization.

The park in English of this book, with poems, illustrations from the author and some reproduced photos of Rutger Hauer, were sent by registered mail and an e-mail warning to the Rutger Hauer Starfish Italy and it was answered and aproved.





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