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Adams Apple

Copyright Maria Henriques 1992/2010


Adam's Apple


Adam was there in Paradise,
sleeping, waiting the new soul
made of golden sharp eyes;
the Angel’s smiles
were guarding the calm sleep
watching the new body
and the calm rest of him.
The Apple Tree in wich
he was resting
was green and beautiful
with all the golden fruits.
But a little devil
bored with such nice peace
started to shake
the wonderful shinning Tree
and suddenly,
when Adam was snoring
the bad spirit took a little red apple
and threw the fruit
into open Adam’s mouth.
This is the story of the last
Adam’s Apple,
a sad reality of life in Paradise
and until our days
the only memory of life
in the beautiful Gardens
of all the Archangel’s side.


These poems were present on website and were taken off by the author's order.

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