This page contains the work made by the Portuguese Artist from 1988 to 2006  Paintings/Illustrations/Drawings/Poetry in English and Portuguese. Also the website of the same author "A Viagem nas Palavras-Love Nature

aka apombalivre aka theodora_maffat

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theodora_maffat is a registered SPA pseudonym of the Portuguese author Maria Henriques owner of this website.

theodora_maffat é um pseudónimo registado na SPA da Autora Portuguesa Maria Henriques.

The Place of the Imagination


All the copyrights which concerns paitings, illustrations, poems in portuguese and english and the poetic content of all the graphic poems of this website belongs to the portuguese author Maria Henriques and they have been created through the years 1972/2006.

Some of the poems of this Website has been also published in some other websites belonging to other persons are now taken out by the artist for personal reasons.

All the content quoted above is properly registered in the SPA Portuguese Associacion of Authors under the name Maria Henriques - SPA Associated number: 21630, and in other pseudonyms of the same author.

Copyright Maria Henriques 1992/2006

Avenida Duque de Loul鬠31 1150 LISBOA

(Aprovado pelo Minist鳩o da Administra磯 Interna, nos termos da Portaria m. 286/79, registo n. 996, publicado no "Diᳩo da Repꢀa" n. 225, 3. S鳩e,  de 30 de Setembro de 1986. )

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