What is this book about, do you ask?   

In a world that is held together by the tautfabric of the hierarchy it imposes, the reach of its influence can touch the brink of war.  Ten thousand years after World War III, the history of humanity has come nearly to a full circle on Balimyst, amidst every imaginable fantasy creature that were once left to dreams. Religion is left to lesser Gods and enchanters for praise and amazement. Prayers said only in defense of the all controlling Senate. Immortality is the fairy-tale of horrific monsters at sea.  But for the vampires, the unveiling of the only surviving copy of the Holy Bible holds a greater revelation than what was meant. Follow the journey of Aramis Faro, a common man, who travels upon both sides of the coin. Finding his way between the light and the dark while dodging not only the powers that be, but the prophecies that shall.

What's so different about this book?
Different? I'd be hard pressed to find a truly original idea in any medium theses days that can't be easily compared to something else. Having said that, I don't think any two people will come away with the exact same idea about The Forgotten Scribes. There is a taste of just about anything and everything that has influenced me over the years, whipped to my personal views on the world and society, and served upon a plate of religious fiction and high fantasy for all to cut a slice and judge for themselves. 
     As for content, there is of course a love angle for any soft heart to weep at. Dwarves, Wizards, and Elves to entertain the postTolkien life we now must all live. Pirates and naval battles that rip the seas apart. The central character's themselves are at the heart, true vampires. This is not to knock any other writer's attempt or success as writers of Vampiric fiction. But as a viewer of movies and student of vampire lore, I've become rather unimpressed with the evolution of vampires as a catch all for nearly any horror tale. Slap a pair of fangs on the bad guy and call it a day seems to be the motto of late. So with the old addage of, "Think you can do better.. why don't you try?".... Well I guess I did and in time we will see.

Are you going to sling a message at me?

  At the core of this novel is three essential ideas that I live by.  You can't let the sway of life change who you are. The raw hand that fate will deal you from time to time  amounts to nothing more than a test of character. Life changing your life is a negative. But to that end, as it relates to this book, how far are you willing to go to keep your sense of self.
     The second is the quote that history will repeat itself when it is forgotten. As stated in the synopsis, this book takes place in a distant future after the nuclear fall-out of WWIII. Ice caps have melted leaving only one land mass standing. The radiation has kicked evolution into high gear and now the world is populated with all the fantasy creatures that we write about today. Technologically speaking, it would seem that this story takes place in the 1500's, rather than 12,000AD. But in that future of a renewing world that has no known history of the world before the fall-out, the social inequities are beginning.  The social classes are met, slavery in full swing, corruption and strife amongst the wealthy.  Racism and bloodlines are a brooding undertone.
      But perhaps the most important aspect of it for me, is the religious side of things. A copy of the bible has surfaced in the hands of the vampires who believe that it is written about vampires from the passages of Revelations. Christ was the first vampire because he has been noted as that first immortal, "staked" to a cross, drink his blood and eat his flesh to find eternal life...etc... Actual scripture is used in the novel to clearly illustrate the misinterpretation. Some will call this blamphemous, controversial, or immoral. I call it a wake up call and tell them to finish the book.
     This is a book about faith, honor, family, and tradition.  The question that this novel raises that gets under the skin of some of the people that I've let read it thus far is: How far are we willing to interpret the bible till we are so far from the truth? But in doing so, are we any less faithful or close to God? It doesn't disprove the bible or make that attempt, nor trivialize it.  It simply is what it is..... a three hundred page entertaining self survey.... with a hell of a cliff hanger ending that proves that God's will isn't to be played with.

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